Best New Fitness Apps of 2021 - FREE and Paid

No matter what you are into -- running, yoga, biking, bootcamps, lifting, weight loss, flexibility, endurance -- there is an app for that! 

Facts are facts, we live in an age of technology. That being said, most people use their phones for everything, working out and health goals included. The perfect complement to the cool gear, equipment, and classes, fitness apps have, in recent years, become very valuable. 

A great way to track progress, get motivation, add diversity to daily routines, truth is, whether you are new to working out or a veteran, finding a good app can make all the difference. 

So, if you are looking for the best new fitness apps of 2021, look no further. We did some digging and have come up with a few you must try! 

Nike+ Training Club - FREE

A name that you will see on the top of most fitness app lists, truth be told, it is for a good reason. Although the price tag says FREE, NIKE has done an incredible job creating a platform that makes fitness feel great for everybody. Not surprising seeing as this app is made by a fitness giant, within the app enjoy programs designed just for you, studio classes (yoga, cardio, HIT, strength), daily workouts, nutrition tips, and even wellness guides.  

PEAR Personal Fitness Coach - FREE 

An eyes-free, hands-free way to train, because of the real-human voice-guided training, this app has been called by many “the best you’ll find.” An all-in-one platform that offers access to a variety of coaches, program levels, and intensities, you can use it for outdoor runs, at-home workouts, yoga, race training, and more. It also pairs well with tracking apps and your own music. 

Peloton - 30-Day FREE Trial + $12.99 A Month 

Another training giant that has made a name for itself with a diverse range of programs, allowing you to workout on your time, based on your goals, with or without equipment. Peloton covers strength, yoga, outdoor running, stretching, cycling, bootcamp, medication, and more. Better yet, this app offers on-demand classes that can be done alone, you can share with friends, or take part in group workouts. Hello, motivation.  

RockMyRun - Free 

Something for our runners, the RockMyRun app does just that, it adds music to your strides, heart rate, or beats per minute. This running entertainment isn’t designed to take away from your focus, it is designed to help boost your workout so you can go faster, harder, longer. Enjoy pop, alternative, reggae, and more. 

305 Fitness - $10 A Month 

Love to dance? Here’s your fitness app. A fun and playful platform created with the essence of the Miami dance scene (hence the area code 305), this app offers addictive cardio sessions that really get you moving. Bonus: live DJs in every class. 

Strava - Free or $5 A Month With Extra Metrics 

Beloved by runners, Strava is also a tried and true go-to for a lot of cyclists. Perfect for both beginners and pros, the basis of the app is to track training and connect with others. For tracking, it records distance, speed, routes, and pace. It also has the capability to connect with smartwatches, monitors, and meters. The social connection part is also super great to keep you motivated and hitting the pavement. 

Alo Moves - $20 A Month 

The most expensive fitness app on our list, this platform was originally dedicated to yoga but now offers strength, barre, pilates, HIIT, core, and more classes. That being said, why we love this app is it offers more than just regular classes taught by world-renowned trainers, it gives users the opportunity to really focus their training and target skills with things like handstand workshops, medication practice, and more. Dive into the more than 2,000 videos and never look back.  

All Trails - FREE or $30 A Year Pro Version 

Love a good trail run, but tired of the normal routes? Look no further than All Trails. Boasting more than 100,000 hand-curated trail runs with reviews, pictures, and GPS tracking capabilities, this app helps you get outside like never before. Bonus: it has a filter setting for kid-friendly, wheelchair-friendly, and dog-friendly routes. 

Big Fit Girl - $12 A Month 

An out of the normal training app, Big Fit Girl is an all-inclusive option for every body size, age, and level. From beginner to advanced, the workouts can be streamed online or downloaded for later. Also a good option for motivation, the app gets you access to a super supportive community to connect with. 

While there are countless apps to choose from out there, hopefully, with this list, you can find one that works best for you and your unique lifestyle. And, don’t forget, as we mentioned above, make the most out of any workout with an app, the right equipment, and clothing to match your attitude!

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