Summer 2021: Self-Care Tips

Summer 2021: Self-Care Tips

After a long, stressful year of lockdowns, quarantines, work from home, and missing family or friends, it is fair to say that everyone is looking forward to summer 2021. Time outside, freedom from the house, nice weather. It all sounds good, except most of us are still figuring out this “new normal” life--one with face masks and social distancing. 

That said, although post-pandemic life means fewer big summer gatherings or warm evenings out with friends, the good news is, this is the perfect time for a fresh start and some focus on self-care. Instead of feeling down because things are still different, we put together a list of summer 2021 self-care tips to help boost your spirits. 

Take Breaks 

Not just work breaks! Take breaks from everything. 

This summer even though you may have the urge to rush around, fill your days with activities, make the most of outside time, let us remind you to slow down. The worst thing you can do is over-exert your mind or body and come out of this season feeling more tired. Allow yourself to sit quietly, read a book, bake cookies, or watch the sunset. Calmness will help you find comfort in whatever the fall and winter bring. 

Eat Well 

The key to a full heart and happy mind is a full stomach. So, naturally eating well is top of our self-care list. 

The perfect season to try new food, from fresh veggies to new restaurants--do it all, and enjoy it. Fill your body with the stuff it wants and needs. This will help you enter into the colder months feeling happy and healthy, not starved. 


Okay, we know this isn’t everyone's idea of self-care. But hear us out. 

Not just scrubbing a toilet or mopping the floor, this tip has more to do with creating a space you love as well as atmosphere. Organize a closet while listening to your favorite artist. Move the furniture so that your favorite chair catches that perfect afternoon light. Clean from your heart. We promise it will feel good. 

Get Outside 

As a compression sock brand, we would be remiss to make a list of self-care tips without movement involved. 

So, even though that race you usually run is cancelled this year or the mountain you love to hike in the summer is closed to tourists, that doesn’t mean you can’t get outside and move. Find new paths in your neighboring town. Rent, borrow, or buy a bike and enjoy long rides. Sit in the local park and watch kids play. Whatever you do this summer, be sure you take time for yourself outdoors. Oh, and of course, make the most of it with the right gear and compression socks for every occasion. 

Dance And Laugh 

What is summer without music and smiles? 

For our last item, we want to remind you to play. Dance around your house. Tell jokes, even if they are bad, and laugh until your cheeks hurt. Most importantly, put down your phone for a while and go enjoy life solo or with the people you love. Because at the end of the day the best form of self-care is happiness. So, take a deep breath and let your body go. 

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Cheers to an amazing summer 2021 ahead. 

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