Why Do Nurses Wear Compression Socks? 4 Excellent Reasons

If you’re ever looked around a healthcare clinic and noticed that a lot of the staff are rocking compression socks with their scrubs, you have a keen eye. Why do nurses wear compression socks, though? Turns out, they have some very smart reasons for their unique and savvy outfit choice. Here are the top 4 motivators that prompt healthcare staff to reach for a fresh pair of compression socks for every shift.

1. To Promote Blood Flow

Nurses work grueling hours, often logging 12-hour shifts. And most of those hours are spent on their feet. To understand why do nurses wear compression socks in such large numbers, you need to understand how prolonged standing impacts blood circulation.

All of that nonstop running around while caring for patients can cause blood to pool in the feet and ankles, leading to discomfort and pain and. Further down the line, the nonstop pressure on veins even risks more serious problems, like:

Nobody wants to check anything off that list! Compression socks help prevent and alleviate blood pooling by gently increasing blood circulation, encouraging it to flow back up toward the heart instead of sticking around in the legs and ankles. This is especially important for folks who spend all day on their feet. It also helps as people grow older and blood flow naturally slows—a little bit of extra help makes a lot of difference.

2. To Reduce Swelling

If you spend a significant portion of your day on your feet, try this experiment: snap a pic of your bare feet at the very beginning of the day, just after your hop out of bed. Then take a photo of your bare feet at the end of the day, after you’ve returned home from work. Notice anything different?

If you’re like most people, your feet greet the morning with the smallest size they’ll be all day. As the day progresses, people’s feet swell and expand naturally. Why? Gravity! Think about it: your footsies are far from your heart, and it’s easy for your body to move blood when you’re horizontal but it takes a minute to get it back up there when you’re upright. This is especially true if you’re a healthcare professional who’s constantly standing!

In addition to natural daily swelling, prolonged standing can lead to fluid retention around the feet and ankles, which leads to more swelling, which leads to more discomfort. The vicious cycle can sometimes even contribute to edema, an abnormal (not to mention uncomfortable) buildup of lymphatic fluid in the body.

To counteract the effects of gravity, reduce swelling, and ward off edema, nurses pull on compression socks. Expertly designed compression gear pushes and squeezes lymphatic fluid and blood back up toward the heart and lungs, preventing discomfort and injury.

3. To Boost Energy

Pulling all-nighters is hard. Pulling all-nighters every single night is downright exhausting! Fatigue is a very real danger for nurses, especially those working in the critical care unit. While healthy sleep, diet, stress reduction, and exercise are the biggest factors when it comes to keeping energy levels stable—with an occasional dose of caffeine! —compression gear can do its part to energize tired feet and ankles.

For example, studies show that sports performance is measurably increased when athletes wear a pair of compression socks while they’re working out, also helping to reduce post-workout soreness. That’s because when blood flow is improved and swelling is reduced, even tired and over-worked muscles get the oxygen and nutrients they need to function at their best.

So, why do nurses wear compression socks? In part because well-designed compression hosiery helps their muscles feel less achy while keeping their energy up throughout those long shifts (along with that espresso shot, of course).

4. To Look Cool (No, Really)

While scrubs are practical and hygienic, they’re also dull as dishwater. Unless you’re fond of looking like a giant walking celery stalk, most nurses are justified in feeling like they get a ton of space to experiment with self-expression. That’s where the best compression socks for nurses come in!

Designed with exciting colors, unique patterns, and on-point themes (hello, Nursey Skull socks for Halloween!), Crazy Compression socks give nurses a chance to experiment with their style. Showing a little bit of ankle will put a smile on your face—and your patient’s!

Socks for Superstars

If there’s one thing the pandemic showed, it’s that nurses are rockstars. As they care for hundreds of patients day after day, touching hundreds of lives with their generosity and skill, it’s easy to forget that they deserve to feel good, too! That’s why our compression socks for nurses are designed with healthcare staff in mind, helping to reduce achiness, swelling, and varicose veins, while improving circulation and enhancing energy. Hey, why do nurses wear compression socks? Because they’re superstars. But you already knew that. 

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