Fall: The perfect weather for a run

Fall: The perfect weather for a run

Fall is the perfect time to hit the trail. Whether you are just starting out as a runner, half way through your couch to marathon, or are a long time veteran, September is a great month to go for the long run. The brisk fall weather and the scent of pumpkin spice latte in the air are both energizing and refreshing. 

Of course, there are a few things you need to take full advantage of this gorgeous season. Start by going outside. 

Buy New Socks and Shoes

Fall is when the big brands release their new running shoes. It’s a great opportunity to update your old pair with the latest tech and support. Speaking of support, nothing supports your feet, legs, and heart quite like our Crazy Compression socks. After all, it’s not just the shoes that add bling to your running attire. 

All of our 1-20mmhg TRUE graduated compression socks and sleeves are made here in the United States. They are made from lightweight, breathable micro-nylon with moisture control, leaving your feet dry and comfortable all day.

We want your legs to continue to support you in the most comfortable and fashionable ways possible. Poor circulation and the pooling of blood in your lower extremities can lead to serious problems. That tiny graduated squeeze from compression socks is the hug you need to get your blood flowing in the right direction. 

Find out how to pick the right sock for your goals and lifestyle. 

Sign Up for a 2020 Race

Fall is the perfect opportunity to recess your training goals. Right now, depending on where you live, you may have in-person and/or online races. During typical years, late November and early December offer multiple races; 2020 isn’t different in that aspect. The running world has simply had to pivot to social distancing options. But this also means more opportunities are available if you are geographically challenged when it comes to getting to live events. 

Read our post from May on how to take your run virtual, discovering just how many opportunities there are!

Remember all those Spring races that were postponed? You know, the Boston Marathon, Carlsbad 5000, and others, for example. Well, they were rescheduled for the Fall

If you aren’t ready to compete, try a fun run. This time of year provides many opportunities with spooky Halloween runs, local Turkey Trots, and Santa runs. 

If you can’t find a race, ask your friends to join you and create your own. Create an event just for the fun of it or in honor of a worthy cause.  Check out how this military spouse organized a global group of do-gooders to walk/run a million miles to raise awareness around soldier suicide.

Get a Jump on 2021 

Here’s to hoping that in-person races are all the rage in 2021. With that in mind now is the time to build a steady, solid running base. Start working on your pace, strengthen your core, and make your training a habit while the temperature outside is at its absolute best. 

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