3 Generations of North Carolina Sock Makers

Our Story

Eight decades ago, Ethel and Alvin weren’t just a sweet couple in North Carolina; they were the sock-folding duo you never knew you needed. Alvin briefly dabbled in children’s sock moguldom but decided he’d rather catch fish than corporate headaches. So he downsized to a sock-finishing hobbyist business with one employee—presumably not a fish.

Flash forward to 1975: Mike Sr., our dad, strolls back from military service, ready for action. He buys the family biz for a whopping one-dollar bill. A single George Washington! Under his reign, the company grew like a teenager during a growth spurt. Mom was the numbers whiz, Dad was Mr. Operations, and us kids? We were the cleaning crew with excellent after-school attendance.

Sr decided Jr (big bro) needed a hobby beyond eye-rolls and teenage angst, so he got shipped off to our cousin’s knitting mill. He caught the knitting bug so badly that he joined the family biz in 2001. Timing wasn’t great; American sock-making was about as popular as flip phones.

But we dug in our heels—sock-covered, of course. By 2012, Nate, the youngest and arguably the most handsome among us, had a light bulb moment: Crazy Compression! One year later, Melanie, our sister and the family’s shipping guru, hopped on the sock wagon.

So what’s our mission? To make compression socks so fun you’ll forget they’re good for you. And to give you a deal so sweet, you’ll think you’re stealing (you’re not, we promise).

Quick Rundown:

• Born in a living room, but not a sitcom
• 80-plus years of sock wizardry
• Baby bro designs, big bro knits, big sis ships—family sock synergy!
• Made in America, with a side of apple pie
• Produced in our familial sock sanctuary in Western North Carolina
• Our socks come with a lifetime guarantee, unlike your phone battery!