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Compression Socks for Work and Play

Are you absolutely tired of the plain, boring, drab sock selection for compression found virtually everywhere? Have you ever found yourself frustrated with companies that never appear to have any consistency in size, so each pair of socks you buy never fits the same way twice? What about sock companies that say their socks are the best, yet within a week, your big toe is bursting through the seams?

If you've answered yes to any of this, then you have landed on the perfect compression socks solution! Welcome to one of the largest, most stunning, and fun collections of cute compression socks found on the market today. It is well past time to ditch the boring, unraveling old pair and time to get the compression socks of your dreams!

Our mission is to put the fun back into the function design and purpose of compression socks while obliterating the market with the most exceptional quality of support socks yet! Crazy Compression is one of the very few sources of accurate, graduated compression socks, 100% made in America with a mind-boggling lifetime guarantee. But that's not all! Our support socks also showcase other features like stay cool technology, seamless toes, elite runner socks with heel and toe cushions, moisture-wicking material, and the best selection of colors, patterns, and more!

Are you looking for compression socks to embrace your inner mermaid? What about the ultimate pair of retro arcade cycle crew socks? You can embrace your inner 80s nerd or inner mermaid readily with us. You can even go all-out and match the tie-dye compression socks of your dreams to our compression sleeves.

Crazy Compression began with a small family living room and the American dream of providing a better solution to the sock wear industry and hasn't stopped since. Gone are the days of staring at a pile of hole-ridden, outstretched, or too small compression socks gathering dust. Our selection of crazy, unique, adorable, and fun support socks will have the perfect pair to match your personality and get you back on your feet! And what's more? Our socks are one of the very few to come with a lifetime guarantee.

So what are you waiting for? Find your favorite today and put the FUN back in functional today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can it be dangerous to wear compression socks?

A: For most people, compression socks are completely safe. They offer a lot of health benefits for people who sit all day, stand all day, or enjoy running, since they can help prevent swelling and achiness in your legs. However, people with certain medical conditions, especially conditions that affect their arteries, should always speak with a healthcare professional before wearing a pair of compression socks. Most people experience better blood flow while wearing compression socks, but people with arterial insufficiencies could have the exact opposite experience.

Q: How long should you wear compression socks?

A: Compression socks are safe to wear all day, every day. Nurses and doctors enjoy wearing them for their long 12-16 hour shifts in the hospital. As a rule of thumb, though, you shouldn't wear them to sleep unless your doctor says otherwise.

Q: What are the benefits of compression socks?

A: Compression socks help promote blood flow between the legs and the heart, which is important for people who experience swelling, achiness, and any kind of vein insufficiency. By doing so, they also help prevent blood clots. Compression socks also happen to be very comfy, which is an added bonus!

Q: When should you NOT wear compression stockings?

A: If you have certain health conditions, including arterial disease or peripheral vascular disease, you shouldn't wear compression stockings without first talking to your doctor. Even if you don't have any diseases that could make wearing compression socks dangerous, though, you should never wear them to sleep. When you're lying in bed, your legs are at the same height as your heart, so you don't need the extra help with blood circulation like you do during the day.

Crazy Compression is a sock brand that takes pride in offering larger than life, fun and colorful compression socks at a great price!