Our WideCalf Journey - A Letter from our Founder.

You already know that we take the health of your feet and legs seriously. That’s why we’re writing to you now: to share our thoughts on our Wide Calf compression socks. 

We’ll be the first to admit that, hey, we got a couple of things wrong right off the bat. 

When we launched the line in May 2022, we were stunned at the overwhelmingly positive reaction it got—folks were over the moon that fun, comfy graduated compression socks could FINALLY fit wider calves. Venturing into a new market is always a challenge, and we were grateful that our customers were as thrilled with the new product as we were. 

Because we personally read every customer’s feedback, however, we started to notice something after 4-6 months: every now and again, someone would share a negative review. 

This didn’t sit well with us. For us, hosiery is deeply personal. We’re a 3rd generation family-owned sock manufacturer with more than 80 years of experience. Every single member of our team works and lives in America, and we are 100% dedicated to crafting socks that make you—and your feet—happy and healthy. We love what we do. Our craft is our passion, and we like to think that it shows. 

As we carefully read each of your reviews, we soon realized: the people have spoken. And we heard them loud and clear.

So, my brother Michael and I went back to the drawing board. We knew that we didn’t just want to tweak or make minor adjustments to the Wide Calf line—we were out to reinvent wide calf socks from the ground up. 

And we did.

We brought in the big guns: specialty yarn that’s manufactured for more cross stretch. Then we spent a lot of time on designing the ribbing to prevent that uncomfortable feeling of constriction that some of our customers were reporting. We aimed at nothing less than a revolutionary compression sock construction: wider layout, yet supportive. 

After all, we didn’t want to sacrifice any of the health and wellness benefits our customers find with quality compression, but we were also determined that the new generation of wide calf compression socks would be more comfortable and easy to wear than anything else on the market. Putting our heads and talents together, our family designed and created a BRAND NEW Wide Calf sock from scratch. Our quality team takes the time to personally measure every single pair of socks to our novel standard to catch any inconsistency with the intended design long before the product has a chance to leave the factory. 

Four weeks ago, we rolled out our new Wide Calf line and we are so proud of what we have accomplished. It’s stretchy. It’s comfy. It has just the right amount of support. And the feedback? Dramatically improved. This is what we worked so hard for, and all those glowing reviews confirm what our team already knew: our newest Wide Calf socks pretty much rock.

We know that compression socks aren’t a perfect science—but customer service can be. Our gratitude and passion inspire us to work hard, innovate, and keep it in the family. So, thanks for trusting us with the well-being of your health and legs. 

Keep on moving,


Founder of Crazy Compression