6 Gift Ideas for the Runner in Your Life

6 Gift Ideas for the Runner in Your Life

The winter holiday season is all about celebrating with loved ones, reflecting on the past year and often, giving gifts to family members and friends. However, for many of us, the search for the perfect gift can lead to stress and indecisiveness.

If you have a runner or fitness enthusiast on your list, here are a few awesome gift ideas to consider.

The Gift of Yourself

While physical presents are great, don’t underestimate the value of your presence in someone’s life. A fun way to package this is to create a “coupon” valid for some quality time (e.g. a coffee date, an afternoon watching movies, etc). This is a good option because you can choose to get together after the busy holiday season. In addition, research shows that building social connections helps to boost physical and emotional health. Check out this interesting infographic and video that explain the benefits in greater detail.

The Gift of Holiday Calm

Think candles, relaxing bath soaks or holiday email notes like 31 Days of Gifts You So Deserve (you can gift this at any time during December).

The Gift of Tech Gear

There are many items on the market that are helpful to runners. Spend a few minutes thinking about your friends’ likes and workout habits. Some ideas include:

The Gift a Good Morning

Many of us depend on our smartphones to wake us up in the mornings for work and workouts. But it is possible that having a cell phone that close to your bed can keep you keep you awake longer (endless scrolling on social media, anyone?). You can read more about cell phones and sleep hygiene HERE. That said, consider gifting your runner with a “regular” alarm clock or perhaps one that can gently wake them up with sunrise simulation.

The Gift of Workout Clothes

You can’t go wrong with any of these options:

  • Running gloves to keep their hands warm in the winter.
  • Fun hats or beanies.
  • Athletic clothing that will keep them warm and dry.

The Gift of Socks

Runners love our Elite Runner ankle socks because they are moisture-wicking, have a stay-up tab and provide excellent arch support. Be sure to check out our Holiday Collection for many cool options, like Pink OTC Lights and Stripes pictured below. If you’re on a budget, use the coupon code CHEERS for a jolly 50% off - and check out our Daily Deals for more savings. In addition, you can now order Crazy Compression socks directly from!

Crazy Compression Christmas

We would love to hear any other ideas of gifts you like to give (and receive)! Please reply in the comments below.

Happy Holidays to you and yours from all of us at Crazy Compression!

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