The Most Effective Tired Feet Remedy is Simpler than You Think

Do your feet hurt after work or after strenuous exercise? It’s a common complaint. Even people whose jobs involve long hours of sitting tend to report foot-related health conditions. In most cases, the underlying cause isn’t serious and can be eliminated or improved with a few lifestyle adjustments. An effective tired feet remedy might just be hiding in your kitchen cabinets. Let’s discuss what you can do today to put that spring back in your step!

Before resorting to pain medication, test drive one of the tired feet remedy options below. Remember: these are natural sources of relief, so they won’t work instantly. It might take a few weeks before you begin to see results.

Achy, Tired, Swollen Feet? Try Compression Socks

Whether you’re standing on your feet all day or stuck staring at a computer screen from 9 to 5, achy and tired feet are a strong indicator that your feet and ankles are swollen due to blood and fluids pooling in the area. This condition is related to edema and can be caused both by standing on your feet for prolonged periods, and by too little activity—looking at you, office workers and couch potatoes!

The easiest tired feet remedy is also the most effective: compression socks. Expertly designed compression socks deliver comfortable, gentle pressure to feet and ankles, which not only reduces swelling and cramping, but also boosts blood flow to your heart. The increased circulation means that more oxygen and extra nutrients are reaching the muscles and tissues of your feet, which also helps prevent varicose veins from developing.

Inflamed Feet? Try Ice and Elevation

While ice is a tried-and-true tired feet remedy, it’s only helpful if your feet are swollen or have other inflammation. For example, if the skin of your feet feels warm, then ice or a frozen gel pack from th pharmacy will decrease blood flow and lower inflammation.

Another easy trick is to elevate your legs and feet. You can keep it simple by lifting your legs to be level with your hips, or kick it up a notch and lie down on the bed, sofa, or floor near the wall, lift your legs up, and lean them against the wall with your feet high above your heart. The pooled blood and fluids will find their way back down thanks to gravity!

Whatever you do, don’t stick your feet in a warm bath if you’re experiencing inflammation—heat will only increase blood flow and swelling.

Sore Feet? Try a Warm Bath 

If your feet are sore and achy, but not swollen, then a warm foot bath or hot compress is just the ticket. The heat will boost blood flow, sending oxygen and nutrients to the area, which helps heal tissues more quickly.

Stiff Feet? Try a Foot Massage

You don’t need a fancy massage therapist to enjoy the benefits of a foot massage. It’s easy to find small foot rollers on Amazon that can iron out all the little kinks in the 20+ tiny muscles in your feet. As an alternative, grab your foot and get to work on it yourself!

Apply even, regular pressure as you try to lengthen the tissues and muscles, focusing on the arch and ball of your foot. Keep in mind that pain or discomfort does not equate to a more effective massage or tired feet remedy!  There’s no need to press extra hard since gentle pressure will boost circulation and help alleviate pain.

To make the massage extra soothing, use oil or lotion and rub it slowly into your foot and ankle while gently pulling and stretching out each toe. Press your thumb and knuckles into your muscles and breathe deeply to relax your entire body. You’re probably feeling better just reading this!

Stressed, Uncomfortable Feet? Try Targeted Stretches

Aside from rocking comfy and jazzy compression socks to the office, incorporating stretches into your daily routine can do wonders for improving flexibility in your feet. This is especially true if your feet are jammed into tight shoes or you’re balancing on high heels all day.

Try the following stretch:

  1. Sit down on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you, feet pointing up.
  2. Rotate your feet clockwise and counterclockwise—pretend you’re drawing circles with your big toe.
  3. Point your toes toward your body and hold for 10 seconds. With your toes pointing toward you, reach forward with your arms and try to touch your toes. You should feel the stretch in your calves and hamstrings, too.
  4. Point your toes forward and hold for 10 seconds.
  5. Repeat every day after work for improved flexibility.

Who Said Healthy Feet Have to be Boring?

The best part about improving foot health is that you can have fun with your outfits while you’re at it. Dressing for both style and comfort is easier and more creative than ever with Crazy Compression socks, designed in eye-catching colors and patterns to improve circulation, reduce swelling, and contribute to an overall sense of energy and wellbeing. Get a little crazy with your tired feet remedy and start a trend!

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