Is There a Tool to Help Put on Compression Socks?

Is There a Tool to Help Put on Compression Socks?

Compression socks are an amazing tool to relieve pain in the lower legs, boost circulation, and support your overall health. They are especially useful for people who spend hours on their feet every day or have blood pressure issues after an injury or illness. Compression socks can also help elderly people stay active and prevent health issues such as leg swelling or even blood clots.

However, for those who are already dealing with mobility challenges, getting compression socks on and off can be a difficult task. The fabric is usually very thick, and pulling them up properly can require a lot of grip strength and dexterity. Despite being a great health and lifestyle option, fighting to get compression socks on can make you question whether they’re worth the trouble.

But is there a tool to help put on compression socks? Yes! There are a range of simple and easy-to-use aides that can help you don your compression socks without the hassle and get started on your day.

RMS Deluxe Sock Aid

For those who are pregnant, elderly, or suffering from back pain, the RMS Deluxe Sock Aid is a great option. It features a soft plastic shell that is easy to insert into the sock, and then long handles that allow you to pull it up without bending down. That means getting into those compression socks without exacerbating any back pain.

It also features soft grips and a flexible shell, so if you have poor hand strength or joint discomfort, the RMS Deluxe Sock Aid will help you handle the firm compression fabric with ease. Even tall compression socks are simple to put on with this convenient accessibility tool.

The Doff N’ Donner

For those who are still able to reach their feet, the Doff N’ Donner tool is an effective option to help slip on your compression socks. It’s a great choice for caregivers too, and can also be used to guide on compression arm sleeves.

To use the Doff N’ Donner sleeve, start by pulling your compression sock over the cone accessory. Next, drop the sleeve to the base of the cone, grab the top band of the sock, and pull it up over the sleeve. Finally, roll the sleeve up with the stocking off the top of the cone, remembering where the heel is. Now the sock is ready to quickly and easily roll onto your leg. Line it up with your heel and away you go!

Steve Glide Clipper

Is there a tool to help put on compression socks that is quick and easy to travel with? Absolutely. The Steve Glide Clipper is a great solution for those with a busy lifestyle who still have the mobility to reach their feet. 

This lightweight, portable aid works by reducing the friction between the sock and your leg, allowing you to glide your tallest compression sock up with ease. It’s suitable for both open-toe and closed-toe compression socks, and it’s very compact so it won’t take up much space in your suitcase. 

Jobst Stocking Donner

The Jobst Stocking Donner is a sturdy, practical tool that’s perfect for people with arthritis or who have trouble bending over. The intuitive design is easy to set up and use. Simply place your compression sock inside the semi-circle frame and fold the top of the sock over the rim. Put your foot down to the toe of the sock, and use the padded handles to guide it up your leg. Once it’s on, you can make any final adjustments so it’s comfortable and ready for all-day wear.

What Are the Best Compression Socks to Use With Your New Tool?

Sometimes, all it takes to save yourself a little time and trouble is taking a second to ask, “is there a tool to help?” Put on compression socks with ease using one of these excellent solutions, and make taking care of your health and wellbeing as hassle-free as it ought to be.

And now you’ve got the right tool for the job, how about those socks? Are they up to par? Crazy Compression makes high-quality graduated compression socks that are fun, functional, and come with a lifetime guarantee. From relieving discomfort to boosting circulation, our range of colorful compression socks for both men and women will help you stay a step ahead of the competition.

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