The Best Compression Socks for Elderly Folks: What to Know

The Best Compression Socks for Elderly Folks: What to Know

Socks are a standard part of most people’s wardrobe. Unlike regular socks, compression socks boost circulation, reduce inflammation, and prevent the buildup of fluids in the lower legs. Well-designed compression socks are snug, feel lightweight and energizing, and are extremely comfortable to wear. 

This is all great news for seniors, who are more likely to suffer from blood clots, leg swelling, and problems with circulation. In this post we address how the best compression socks for elderly folks can help seniors stay active and full of energy because, hey, age is just a number! 

Top Benefits of Compression Socks for Elderly People

Well-designed compression socks come with a host of benefits that make seniors feel better every day. 

Improve Circulation 

Seniors are at greater risk for developing deep vein thrombosis (a type of blood clot), post-thrombotic syndrome, and chronic venous insufficiency (this is when the veins in your legs have poor circulation), especially after surgery. While blood clots can develop anywhere in your body, they tend to concentrate in the lower legs and thighs. 

The gentle pressure of graduated compression socks improves blood flow to your heart and lungs, which means blood isn’t pooling and then clotting.

Reduce Swelling

Many seniors already know that the buildup of fluid that causes swelling in the lower legs can be extremely uncomfortable and even painful. Lymphoedema is a common condition in which the lymphatic system doesn’t function properly on its own, resulting in excess lymph fluid in your legs and arms. 

While elevating your legs may bring some relief, compression garments make a huge difference in everyday comfort level. Why? Because the best compression socks for elderly folks are specially designed to gently push fluid up the leg and toward the heart. Functioning a little bit like a pump, compression socks ensure that all that excess lymph fluid isn’t building up in your ankles and lower legs. That’s why picking the right compression level for you is important: seniors can talk to their doctors about whether mild, moderate, or high-level compression socks will do the most to make you feel better. 

Relieve Symptoms of Varicose Veins

One of the most widespread conditions affecting American seniors is chronic venous insufficiency, which occurs when veins malfunction and cause blood to reflux back into the vein rather than flow on smoothly to the heart. After time, this refluxing of blood leads to the swelling of the vessels, which then leads to permanent vein damage. Ultimately, this can result in the condition known as varicose veins, when veins are twisted and visible just beneath the skin. Aside from making people feel self-conscious about showing their legs in public, varicose veins are an uncomfortable problem to deal with, causing aching and cramping.

While there’s no cure for varicose veins, it’s fortunate that there are ways to help seniors feel better. Experts recommend compression socks for elderly people who suffer from varicose veins because they not only ease existing symptoms but can help prevent the condition from getting worse. By supporting healthy blood flow with consistent pressure in the legs, compression socks relieve pain, discomfort, and inflammation. It’s particularly helpful to wear compression gear during the day, when standing or sitting upright, so that your legs feel lighter and more comfortable. 

Inspire Seniors to Stay Active

Gear aside, one of the most effective ways of improving circulation and reducing inflammation is by staying active. In fact, research shows that just 20 minutes of moderate activity, like fast walking, not only helps regulate inflammation, but also boosts immunity, reduces pain, and improves mood. While sitting too long is unhealthy, the older Americans get, the less they exercise. Many seniors are either not getting enough exercise or are completely inactive.

A major reason for reduced workouts among the elderly? Discomfort, fatigue, and cramps during exercise. Thankfully, compression gear is engineered specifically to target those concerns. The surprising benefits of exercising in compression socks can encourage seniors to stay active: 

  • Reduces fatigue and soreness. By delivering more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles during exercise, compression garments reduce soreness and tiredness.
  • Boosts muscle recovery. If your legs feel achy after exercise, compression socks can make a world of difference to speeding up post-workout recovery so that you’re back on your feet sooner. 
  • Enhances comfort. Well-designed compression socks for elderly are breathable and lightweight, meaning that your legs and ankles stay supported throughout your routine, which makes exercise easier.

Promote Health and Wellbeing

Getting older doesn’t have to be a drag! There’s too much to see and do to let leg circulation problems hold you back from exercising, playing, and traveling. The best compression socks for elderly folks make a proven difference in alleviating symptoms of deep vein thrombosis and varicose veins, while helping you feel your best. Crazy Compression socks are thoughtfully designed for everyone who wants to have healthy legs while also looking stylish no matter where life takes you. 

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