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So you need, want, or have to wear compression socks. As someone on their feet for more than 8 hours a day, an athlete, or a nurse practitioner, you might hear the phrase, ‘compression socks,’ and immediately think back to the unfortunate pair a grandparent might have worn. Or you might already have a sad, growing pile of disappointingly made, unraveling, or hole-ridden pairs gathering dust in the back of your closet. If you’re as tired as we are of ugly, cheaply made compression socks, then you’ve finally found your forever pair!

Our one-of-a-kind printed over the calf compression socks are here to amaze, and wow, not just with the most vibrant, joyful colors and patterns but with a quality you won’t find anywhere else. Meticulously made with exceptional attention to precisely what is needed, we provide versatile, durable, long-lasting pair of compressions socks. You will never want to go back to any other brand again. Our over-the-calf compression socks feature true graduated compression at 15-20mmhg, the ideal choice for beginners and expert compression sock owners alike.

Here are just a few of the health benefits of wearing our Stay Cool Technology, moisture-wicking, seamless toe print compression socks:

  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Prevention and relief of minor to moderate varicose and spider veins.
  • Aids in relieving tired, aching legs, minor swelling of feet, ankles, and legs.
  • Aids in the prevention of deep vein thrombosis.
  • Ideal for athletes, long hours on feet, nurse practitioners.
  • Perfect compression ideal for traveling long distances.
  • Seamless toe for ultimate irritation-free comfort.
  • Stay Cool Technology to wick away foot moisture and allow the skin to breathe.

Not only are they beneficial to a healthier lifestyle, but they are anything but boring! These medium compression socks come in a stunning array of bright, beautiful, fun fashion colors, patterns, and more to fit any work style, play, or lounging. Stop struggling with other socks that stretch out in one week, have no consistent sizing, slip down your leg or have your toes poking through holes in a few uses. Start enjoying the number one over the calf compression socks found online today and be as colorful or wild as you like!

Are you interested in knowing more about these compression socks or any of our amazing sock inventory? Feel free to reach out to us! Please email us at crazyclan@crazycompression.com or call us at 1-828-514-0961.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the easiest compression socks to put on?
A: Generally, compression socks with a lower mmHg are going to be easier to put on, simply because they aren't going to fit as tightly. A good mmHg for beginner compression socks is 15-20 mmHg. If the physical act of pulling long socks up regardless of their compression pressure is part of the problem, there are compression socks that don't go over the ankle, making them less physically demanding.

Q: What are the most comfortable compression socks?
A: The most comfortable compression socks are going to be the ones that don't squeeze you too tightly. After all, you want them to hug your leg, not crush the life out of them. Additionally, socks with Stay Cool technology will keep your feet from getting sweaty, so you don't have to deal with icky feet as you run or navigate your medical shift.

Q: Is there a trick to putting on compression socks?
A: One way to make the process of putting on compression socks easier is to flip the sock almost completely inside out, leaving only the foot of the sock the way that it was. Then, slip your foot into the sock, and carefully unroll the inside-out portion, and then pull the fabric where it needs to be. You can also purchase tools to help you with the pulling motion if it's too physically demanding.

Q: Is it OK to wear compression socks every day?
A: It depends on how long you wear them, but generally, compression socks are supposed to be worn for long periods, so wearing them for a 24 hours shouldn't be an issue. Most people wear them to treat swelling if they know they're going to be on their feet all day and wear them from sun-up to sun-down. If you're unsure, though, or if you wear compression socks to treat a specific medical condition, you should consult your doctor to find out how long you should wear your compression socks.