How Support Socks Keep Your Legs from Feeling Tired

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Long days spent at work, traveling, or running errands can be tiring, and that’s before you consider those fatigued, achy legs. Thankfully, support socks are a simple solution to help keep your feet and legs feeling fresh no matter how busy your day becomes.

Light compression can help to boost circulation, reduce discomfort, and keep you feeling energized. If you’re looking to add support socks to your self-care routine, read on to learn more about the power of compression.

What Are Support Socks?

Support socks, sometimes known as compression stockings, are a type of wearable garment that exerts gentle pressure on your feet and lower legs. They are designed to help provide support to your circulatory system and deliver passive resistance to uncomfortable swelling. Support socks can come in a wide range of styles and colors, although they generally reach knee height to provide compression to the whole lower leg. 

Support socks can provide day-to-day relief when you’re active, traveling, or during long periods spent standing or sitting. Those who are pregnant or deal with mild circulation problems will also appreciate the benefits of wearing support socks.

It’s worth noting that there are different levels of compression socks available, ranging from light support socks to medically prescribed heavy compression garments. In general, support socks provide light compression and are the most accessible and wearable type of compression socks available.

How Do Support Socks Work?

Support socks work by applying firm, graduated compression to the feet, ankles, and lower legs. As the furthest part of your body from the heart, it’s the feet and lower legs that are most affected by gravity, swelling, and the discomfort of long days of standing. By giving your veins an extra squeeze, they take some of the pressure off these vital vessels and prevent blood from pooling or slowing on the way back to your heart for fresh oxygen. 

“Graduated compression” means that the most pressure is applied at the feet, and the socks gradually become less firm toward the knee. This helps to encourage normal blood flow and prevent achy, tired legs.

Keeping Your Legs Feeling Fresh with Support Socks

In general, the feeling of tired legs can be caused by a pressure buildup throughout the day. Whether you’re walking, running, or standing for hours on end, blood and lymph can pool in your lower legs and feet, causing them to feel achy, uncomfortable, and even painful.

Support socks boost blood flow, prevent swelling, and support your body in pumping blood and fluids back up toward the heart.

But did you know that support socks have other benefits, too? Here’s a full roundup of the other great health boosts they can give you:

Reducing Fatigue and Aches

Support socks help to boost circulation and reduce swelling in the legs and feet. Without the distraction of tired, sore legs, you’ll be ready to tackle anything life throws your way. 

Improved Circulation

Good circulation is important for overall well-being, making sure that oxygen-rich blood is flowing around your body effectively. Good circulation can help wounds heal faster, keeps your heart healthy, and can even help you think more clearly.

Reduced Swelling in the Legs

Swelling, also known as edema, can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. Support socks can help keep swelling at bay and ensure you keep moving easily. 

Improved Recovery

Whether you’re an athlete or spend marathon days on your feet, support socks can help boost muscle recovery during and after activity.

Preventing Varicose Veins

Varicose and spider veins are caused by malfunctions and weaknesses in the veins in your legs. Support socks can help to keep blood flowing smoothly to prevent swollen, painful spider veins.

Reduced Risk of Blood Clots

Poor circulation can lead to dangerous blood clots, especially during periods of inactivity. Support socks can help keep you safe by reducing the risk of developing a blood clot—particularly when valves in your veins are weakened by health issues or disease.

Crazy Compression Support Socks Will Keep You Moving in Style

It’s clear that support socks are a no-brainer when it comes to staying comfortable on your feet, but not all support socks are created equal. Crazy Compression makes high-quality compression socks that are designed to keep both your legs and your style fresh!

Crazy Compression’s range of support socks provides 15-20mmHg true graduated compression to your lower legs and feet to help boost your circulation. Constructed with breathable, sweat-wicking fabric, they will support your foot health all year round. And with a huge variety of colors, patterns, and calf fits, there’s a pair of Crazy Compression support socks for everyone and every mood.

Try a pair of Crazy Compression support socks for yourself, and say goodbye to the discomfort of tired, achy legs!

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