If Your Feet Hurt After Work, Read This

If Your Feet Hurt After Work, Read This

When you get home from work, are you eager to plop down on the sofa to relieve your tired, achy feet? We feel you. Whether you’re standing on your feet all day or stuck behind a desk, foot pain is a major problem that affects up to 75% of Americans at some point in their lives. 

You don’t have to suffer in silence, however. 

Making proactive choices during the workday and then taking the time to recharge at night can make a big difference to how much your feet hurt after work. In this post, we share insights and solutions to help put a little spring in your step!

Dress Your Feet First

When you get dressed for the word day, do you pick your shoes to match your outfit? Folks with achy feet really can’t afford to be choosy with shoes. High heels, pointy toes, or open-toed sandals might be trendy, but they’re not doing your feet any favors. Get this: even heels that are 2 ½ inches high increase the pressure on your forefoot by 75%. No wonder your feet hurt after work! 

When you get dressed in the morning, start with socks and shoes and work your way up. 

Fun Compression Socks

What achy feet and ankles need most is a hug. That’s why the best thing to wear when your feet hurt after work is high-quality compression socks. They gently embrace feet and ankles which reduces fluid-build up and swelling while encouraging blood flow and keeping your legs energized. That’s why they’re such a big hit with nurses. 

The best compression socks come in fabulous colors and patterns and boast different lengths and widths—say, if you’re in the mood for a themed pair to jazz up the holidays or prefer to rock wide calf socks

Smart Shoes

By now, you probably already know that heels at work are a no-no. Does that mean you’re stuck with boring shoes? Nope! There are plenty of high-quality shoes that offer arch support with a well-cushioned sole that still look on point.

If you can’t get away with walking shoes at work, a pair of slick white sneakers can pull any outfit together. Believe it or not, it’s totally possible to dress for style and comfort at work, even when you’re rocking sensible shoes! And don’t forget to replace your shoes frequently since worn-out shoes can’t absorb shock or offer the same level of support as fresh kicks. 

Take Breaks

If your job calls for round-the-clock standing, it’s critical to find ways to move around or your feet will hurt after work even more. Standing in one spot causes blood pooling, which not only brings on painful swelling but is associated with heart disease. 

Even something as simple as rocking back and forth on your feet, shifting your weight from one foot to the other, and discreetly flexing your feet up toward your heart will make a minor but still significant difference. If it’s possible to walk around to get that blood moving, then do so, even if it’s just for a few minutes. 

Get Rest

As simple as this sounds, too many Americans are chronic under-sleepers. If your muscles and joints are aching, there’s a good chance that sleep quality might have something to do with it. Research shows that not getting enough shut eye leads to weight gain and increases risk of diabetes, both of which are leading causes of foot and ankle pain. 

After a long day, take the time to really rest your body. Elevate your legs, dim the lights, and chill out. If possible, soak in a tub with Epsom salts. And remember: no screens for at least an hour before bed! That blue light sends signals to your internal body clock to remain awake and alert, which has a negative impact on sleep quality. 

Stay Hydrated

Depending on how demanding your schedule is, you might miss out on getting the proper amount of H2O throughout the day. Guess what? Dehydration has been linked to joint pain and soreness. Keep in mind that water lubricates joints and that healthy muscles are made up of 70% water, which enables them to function at their best. 

If your feet hurt after work, that discomfort might be caused by inflammation or a buildup of acid in your muscles, ligaments, and tendons, which are traced back to not getting enough fluids. So drink up!

Promote Wellness From Head to Toe

Having healthy, happy feet starts with a healthy, happy lifestyle. Here at Crazy Compression, we strive to promote wellness and joy with every fun, comfy pair of compression socks we make—right here in America. Check out our collection and join the compression movement! 

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