The Importance Of Proper Hydration

The Importance Of Proper Hydration

Fact: To function, every cell, tissue, and organ in the human body requires water. It’s part of basic life and health. 

However, what most people don’t know is that when you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Thirst is a signal the body sends to the mind to say “Hey, we need water.” Also, what most people don’t know is the importance of proper hydration. Doctors and scientists don’t simply recommend 8 to 15 glasses of water to fight dehydration. They actually recommend it because of the many positive benefits humans see from drinking water.  

Top Five Positive Benefits Of Water 

Brain Power 

Did you know that the brain is greatly influenced by hydration? Yes, that is right. From confusion, irritation, desire to sleep, headaches, when dehydrated, the mind doesn't work at its best. Therefore, ultimately, drinking enough water can lead to higher levels of energy, greater memory, and improved focus. So, if you want to boost your mood and concentration, try enjoying a refreshing glass of cold water. 


Without proper hydration, the physical body can suffer. It directly links to increased cardiovascular strain, thermal strain, glycogen utilization, muscle lactate production, and lack of motivation due to a higher perceived rate of excretion. On the other hand, when well hydrated, physical performance can pique. Think about hitting new personal records, recovering faster, and more enjoyment of activity. 


Sipping on enough water throughout the day can boost the immune system, help digestion, and increase healing times, for example, for wounds and illness. Truly one of the world’s great gifts to human health, without enough water in our systems, plain and simply, the body is weak and has no way to flush out toxins. Heck, it can even help with stuff like kidney stones, weight loss, and constipation--you name it. 


Water is imperative for clear, fresh, supple, glowing skin. Drinking  enough water not only flushes out toxins, it also adds vital moisture and elasticity to cells. In truth, with adequate hydration you can expect fuller skin that does not look dull, has wrinkles or visible pores, and is clear of irritations, such as rashes, pimples, and redness. A great way to combat the signs of aging, pour a glass of water and enjoy a radiant, youthful look. 


Heat, pain, redness, swelling, the signs of inflammation can slow us down. To combat these symptoms, while you can wear compression gear like socks, take pain relievers, or stretch, you can also add water to your daily habits. Due to its toxin flushing abilities, water will help reduce the signs of inflammation and again, help you heal faster. Go ahead, drink up.  

How To Get More Water In Your Daily Routine 

At the end of the day, even while knowing the benefits of staying hydrated, for many people, it is still hard. So to help, let us address the culprits that may be keeping you from consuming enough water. These could include forgetting, not having it with you, exercising a lot, drinking alcohol, and the environment. Now that you know these, here are some things you can do. 

  • Place a full stainless steel water bottle in the car or your bag at night or in the morning so you always have it with you. 
  • Set a timer or timers every day to remind you to drink.  
  • Incorporate hydrating foods in your diet, such as watermelon, cantaloupe, or cucumber.
  • Calculate water consumption to make up for excess sweating due to outdoor temperatures or working out. 

We hope this helps you. Cheers to happy hydration!

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