Your Must-Try Autum Wellness Bucket List

Your Must-Try Autum Wellness Bucket List

There's a crisp snap of chill in the air, and the smell of falling leaves and encroaching winter permeates the outside. There's a riot of color everywhere you look as leaves have turned orange, red, yellow, brown, and pumpkin spice; everything's just around the corner. Autumn is a fantastic time of the year that many of us adore.
Whether your summer was a bust, a difficult time of the year, or you were too busy—why not take this cool, refreshing time to make a fall bucket list centered around you? Autumn wellness and activities may be the boost you need to keep you going!
What should you add to your bucket list for fall wellness and activities? We're so glad you asked!

Outdoor Activities Perfect for Fall

Hike or Walk
Make sure not to miss out on photo opportunities and leaf sight-seeing by planning a hike. You don't need to go hiking up the side of a mountain or spend a weekend in the woods if you aren't able. If you can't hike, take advantage of your local parks or simply a walk down your road to enjoy the beautiful leaves and the refreshing temperatures.

Pick One
There are two iconic foods associated with fall: apples and pumpkins. Not only is picking either of them a great way to head outside and get some fresh autumn air, but you can also use apples to make so many things in your kitchen! You can stock up on comforting apple-flavored delights from applesauce to apple butter, apple pies, and more.
Is it really fall without a decorated pumpkin on the front step, pumpkin pies, and everything pumpkin flavored? Head to the pumpkin patch to enjoy the bright orange colors and fresh air and take some amazing photo opportunities.

Embrace the Inner Child
Embrace your inner kid (or your kids if you have any), and set aside time to create a giant pile of leaves to play in. Plus, it can make the idea of yard work more fun and rewarding when you can roll around in autumn colors.

Backyard Bonfire or Firepit
Imagine a perfect fall evening with the sun just setting, starts winking in the sky. You're in a cozy outdoor chair wrapped in a blanket with a hot beverage in one hand, and the warm, inviting crackle of a fire and the smell of delicious wood smoke surround you. We think having a bonfire or an evening by the firepit during autumn is a perfect seasonal occasion. Enjoy the fire with a loved one, or have friends and family over and make s'mores.

Wellness and Self Care
Wellness and self-care are essential for all seasons. If you're an avid fan of fall, there are many ways you can bring autumn into your wellness routines to enjoy the season inside and out. Stress is a natural part of life, but being stressed constantly is not. Self-care and wellness can help mitigate stress's adverse effects, which is why it's essential.

How do you choose what to do to self-care? That can be a profoundly personal answer; not everyone will be the same. The best place to start is by asking two essential questions:

• How am I feeling right now in this moment?
• What might help me feel happier, healthier, better, restored, or more energized?

Some easy answers might be if you feel tired, you need rest. If you feel lonely, you probably need companionship.
Here are some of our favorite Autumn-themed self-care and wellness ideas that may help you

1. Decorate for Halloween, Día de Los Muertos, or Thanksgiving as large or as subtly as you want. The act of changing up your space can be a mood boost as well as fun.

2. If you, like us, adore the sensation of a warm or hot drink in hand on a cold day, perhaps it's time to savor your favorite warm beverage. Autumn is perfect for hot tea, apple cider, hot chocolate, or even a cup of coffee. Make some space for quiet time while sipping as you start the day.

3. Make it smell like autumn. If you aren't allergic or sensitive to scent, it's time to light some fall-scented candles or incorporate fall-scented beauty items into your routine. Think apple cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, or pumpkin spice. Many items like bath bombs, hand soap, lotion, shampoos, and more come out with seasonal autumn scents that may be perfect for drifting away.

Get a Head Start On the Holidays To Avoid Stress
The holiday season can be one of the most challenging, stressful times. Whether it's fighting crowds for last-minute gifts, untangling delivery times, family get-togethers, or dealing with being away from family, you could reduce upcoming stress if you plan your holidays now.

How to pre-plan?

• Grab a calendar to visualize how many weeks or days you have left. If you haven't already done so, now is the time (the earlier, the better) to reserve your holiday vacation time. Next, if you have children, arrange childcare and check in with friends and family to make plans or see if they have plans. Mark out plans for whatever you choose to attend.

• Plan the food. If you're the holiday host this season, plan the menu for dining ahead, so you have a grocery list ready to go.

• Don't be afraid to say no, thank you. With holiday commitments for some ranging from friends, family, coworkers, and more, it is alright not to show up to every holiday event. Say no to a few or all of them if you want. The holidays are no fun when stressed out.

• If giving gifts, create a list of suggested gifts for people now with two or three options so there'll be no last-minute scrambling if one gift is sold out or becomes unavailable.
Autumn is a season beloved by man, but it can also be the season of juggling kids going back to school, work, bills, and life in general. If you're looking for ideas on making fall less stressful and fun, we hope this post has helped you! 

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