Fall Bucket List: Must-Do Autumn Activities

Autumn Leaves - Workout

Crisp air, changing colors, cozy sweaters, warm drinks -- a truly beautiful time of year. What’s not to love about fall?

In fact, it's the perfect season to do just about everything. That said, to help you make the most of autumn, we put together a fall bucket list packed full of both indoor and outdoor must-do activities. In the list, you will find plenty of stuff for everyone -- singles, couples, kids, and families! 

Outdoor Activities 

Go For A Hike: From leaves changing colors to colder air temps, fall is the best time of year to get outside. And, one of our favorite ways to enjoy the outdoor beauty of this season is to take a hike! Head to a trail you haven’t had a chance to try yet and embrace nature.   

Pick Pumpkins: No fall bucket would be complete without a visit to a pumpkin patch. Even better, while there, you can take some really cool pictures full of bright orange colors! 

Pick Apples: Beyond being a great way to get outside during the autumn season, going to pick apples will fill your kitchen with the ingredients you need to make applesauce, pies, and more. Also, there is simply nothing better than biting into a fresh, juicy apple. YUM.   

Visit A Farm: Hayrides and animals. Need we say more? 

Have a Bonfire: What makes the air of fall smell even more like--well--fall? A bonfire, of course. Gather your friends and family, put on some warm layers, and roast some marshmallows. 

Have a Picnic: A wonderful way to boost romance -- hello, date idea -- or share a magical moment with your kids, grab a blanket, pack some food, and go outside instead of eating lunch inside. Eat at the park, the beach, or on top of a hill. 

Go To the Drive-Ins: Not just a summer activity. When your car is packed with blankets, snacks, and the dark night sky, everything about the drive-in screams fall.  

Play In A Pile Of Leaves: Children and adults alike can get a kick out of this one. Plus, it will make doing yard work that much more fun!  

Take A Scenic Drive: Sometimes, simply getting out of the house during fall is exactly what the doctor ordered. Soak up the tranquility of this season by enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon drive through a scenic area. 

Go To A Farmers Market: The time of year when harvests are abundant, a visit to the farmers market can inspire you while providing you with some yummy snacks. Snack on fresh-made or fresh-picked treats while doing your weekly fruit and vegetable shopping. 

Ride Bikes: Even though temperatures may be chillier than the summer months, it doesn’t mean you need to pack your bike away. Put on some layers -- cozy, cool socks included -- and hit the road. 

Stargaze: There is something incredibly magical about wrapping up in a thick blanket and watching the twinkling dots in the night sky. And, guess what? Fall is the best time of year to do this!   

Run a Local Race: In autumn, there are plenty of local races you can join. From the traditional Thanksgiving run to Halloween or even one you create with your friends, running is most definitely a fall must-do. 

Plant Spring Bulbs: If you want a flower-filled spring garden, now is the time to plant.  

Volunteer: A season known for giving thanks and helping others, this is the perfect time of year to volunteer. Help out at a local food bank, donate to a homeless shelter, or check out what organizations need help in your community. 

Indoor Activities 

Make Pie: Pumpkin, apple, cranberry, or nut -- pies are the dessert of the season. Even better, they will fill your house with the scent of fall foods and make a great neighborly gift.  

Carve Pumpkins: After visiting that pumpkin patch, bring it home to carve. After all, Halloween decorations require jack-o-lanterns.  

Enjoy Hot Apple Cider: At the grocery store, grab some fresh, local apple cider. Then, when home, warm it up, add cinnamon--maybe even whipped cream--and enjoy. It's so tasty you may be making cup after cup!  

Lite Fall Scented Candles: Fill your home with the perfect fall vibe, creating a cozy, warm environment with autumn-scented candles.

Go To A Haunted House: Get into the spooky season by visiting a haunted house. Maybe you will scream, maybe you will laugh--either way, you will have a great time.  

Watch Football Games: This season goes hand in hand with football, whether it’s NFL, college, or local high school games. Even if you aren’t a big fan, it is still fun to gather and cheer on a team. 

Dress Up For Halloween: Add a little cheer to your daily routine during October. Instead of just putting on a costume for the 31st, dress up the week or so before with Halloween-inspired socks, clothing with spooky prints--you name it. Get creative! 

Host A Friendsgiving: Because eating and gathering this time of year is a big focus, on top of enjoying Thanksgiving, host a friend's gathering too! The food, the laughter, and the togetherness will feel amazing.  

Decorate: Embrace the season by hanging wreaths and garlands, allowing you to display things that remind you of fall.  

Learn To Knit: If you are crafty, this one's for you. Learning to knit will not only help you cut down phone time, but it will also result in something you can use yourself or give as a gift. Win-win if you ask us.  

Make Stew: Or really make anything hearty and warm. Indulge in chili, mac-and-cheese, potato casserole, and of course, stew.  

Get Cozy: Going from summer to fall means one thing, time to pull out the thick blankets, sweaters, and hats. Cozy up on the couch and put on a favorite movie.

Watch Spooky Movies: Speaking of movies, with the colder temperatures also comes the urge to stay in and binge-watch movies. Instead of the romance, action, or thriller, do a marathon of scary movies.  

Make A Fall Playlist: Fact, music makes the world go round. And, in this light, help ring in fall with a playlist featuring songs that remind you of this season. In case you need help or don’t have time to do one yourself, check out some suggested Spotify playlists.  

Cheers To A Happy, Fun-Filled Fall 

On top of what we mentioned above, some year-round activities also include reading books, doing puzzles, playing games, enjoying time with loved ones, and taking time for yourself.   

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