What Are Mild Compression Socks For? 5 Uses

what are mild compression socks

Compression therapy is used to treat a range of medical conditions, but did you know that it can also support your daily life? Mild compression can help boost your circulation and keep your legs feeling fresh, and the gentle squeeze they offer may be your new hack to staying comfortable on your feet.

So, if you’ve ever wondered “What are mild compression socks?”, then keep reading to discover how these supportive garments can help people with everyday leg complaints lead more comfortable (and stylish!) lives. We’ve done a deep dive to explain what mild compression is, how it can help you, and some common uses for mild compression socks.

What Are Mild Compression Socks?

To find out if this footwear is right for you, it’s important to first understand the function and purpose of compression socks as a whole.

Compression socks, also known as compression stockings, are usually knee-high garments that apply firm pressure to the calves, ankles, and feet. This pressure works to support the circulatory system and veins, boosting blood flow and preventing fluids from pooling in the lower legs. 

Compression socks come in a range of levels of compression and styles suited for various health conditions or treatment plans. Compression is measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg), and graduated compression refers to socks with a higher mmHg at the ankle than at the opening.

Mild compression socks, the level most appropriate for casual daily support, are available over the counter and usually have a compression level below 20mmHg. In comparison, medium (20-30mmHg) and high (30mmHg+) compression levels should be used under medical supervision and may require a prescription.

What Are the Benefits of Mild Compression Socks?

Mild compression socks are popular for many reasons, but the main reason people wear them is to help with specific medical issues. Here are some of the top health benefits of wearing compression socks:

Boost Circulation

Blood has to fight gravity when it’s going uphill from your feet. Wearing mild compression socks can help your blood return to your heart, increase the flow of oxygen-rich blood, and boost your energy levels.

Prevent Swelling

Swelling, also known as edema, is when blood or lymph pools in your tissues. The feet and lower legs are especially prone to swelling, so compression socks can help prevent it throughout the day by limiting the space for liquids to pool. You’ll notice the best results if you put your mild compression socks on first thing in the morning!

Provide Relief for Tired, Achy Legs

Long days at work or traveling can leave your legs feeling weary. Compression socks can help provide relief for the feeling of heaviness or aching.

Prevent Varicose Veins

Varicose and spider veins occur when pressure builds inside the veins, and they are especially common in the legs. Mild compression socks can apply counter-pressure to your legs and help to prevent and manage varicose veins, and it’s why they’re particularly popular during pregnancy.

5 Uses for Mild Compression Socks

It’s clear that even mild compression can help boost your daily comfort and keep your legs and feet feeling fresh. While you should check with your doctor if you suspect any serious circulatory issues, here are five of the top uses for mild compression socks.

1. Airplane Travel

Both plane passengers and crew will feel the benefits of compression socks while flying. As well as keeping your legs comfortable, they can also prevent the risk of blood clots forming during long travel days.

2. Pregnancy

Pregnancy places a lot of stress on the body, and it’s not uncommon to experience swelling of the legs and feet. Mild compression socks are a simple solution to boost circulation, manage swelling, and prevent the formation of varicose veins.

3. Long Shifts on Your Feet

Those who work on their feet, such as nurses, teachers, restaurant staff, or construction workers, will know the feeling of tired, heavy legs during a long shift. Adding mild compression socks to your work outfit is an easy way to help soothe and support your legs, letting you focus on the job at hand.

4. Support Athletic Recovery

For athletes, compression socks can play a vital role in performance and recovery. By boosting circulation and preventing blood pooling in the lower legs, mild compression socks can help to reduce recovery time and even alleviate muscle soreness after exercise. 

5. Wheelchair Users

Spending long stretches of time sitting comes with a risk of blood clots and can cause swelling, which is why compression socks can be a huge help for those in a wheelchair. Compression stockings can also be beneficial for those on bed rest during illness or injury.

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