Plus-Size Compression Socks: A Guide to Finding the Right Fit

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If you have plus-size calves, you’ll know that finding clothes that fit right can be tough… and compression socks are no exception! While the world of compression socks has thankfully expanded to include fun, stylish, and colorful options, plus-size compression socks are often left out of the conversation. And with the comfort and health benefits that come with wearing compression socks, having access to a well-made pair that you actually want to wear is crucial.

Thankfully, size-inclusive compression socks with fashionable designs are finally here, and Crazy Compression is leading the charge. Read on to learn about the benefits of compression socks for plus-sized legs, how to measure yourself for a perfect fit, what to look for in a sock, and of course—our top picks!

Benefits of Compression Socks

When it comes to supporting your daily health and comfort, compression socks are a simple, accessible tool. They’re typically knee-high and apply even, firm pressure to the lower legs, ankles, and feet. This compression works to boost your circulation and delivers some amazing benefits such as reducing swelling, improving lower leg comfort, preventing varicose veins, and providing a confidence boost to go along with your overall health. 

Compression socks can be useful for all sorts of lifestyles and health requirements, such as frequent travelers, those who spend long days on their feet, athletes, or people who are confined to a wheelchair or bed rest. Of course, because they’re tighter than normal socks, finding the perfect fit is essential.

Plus-Size Compression Socks that Fit

While regular compression socks come in a range of foot sizes, they don’t account for diverse calf sizes. And when it comes to support stockings, “just sizing up” isn’t a great option—you’ll need socks that conform correctly to all your curves. Plus-size compression socks come in a range of fits that deliver maximum support for feet, ankles, and calves of any dimension. 

If you’re not sure if your compression socks are the right size or fit, it’s important to keep an eye out for signs of a mismatch. Tingling, numbness, bunching, or marking can be signs of socks that are too tight, and if your compression socks are too big they may fall down, cause blisters, or simply not work properly to boost your leg health.

Measuring for Your Perfect Fit

To enjoy the benefits of compression socks, finding the right fit is key. Your compression socks should feel snug but not uncomfortably tight, and your measurements can help you find the right pair for you.

Here’s how to take your measurements to find your plus-size compression sock.

1. Calf Circumference

Your calf measurement will be the main indicator of whether you should opt for wide-calf or standard-fit compression socks. Take your measurements at the widest point of your calves, and if your legs tend to swell during the day it may be worth doing this in the evening. You should also take your ankle measurement, as this will help confirm your correct sock size.

TIP: If you don’t have a measuring tape, simply use string or a strip of paper and then measure it with a ruler.

2. Height

Taller people generally have longer calves, so your height may play a factor in which size compression socks you wear. If you’re out of the typical height range for your foot size, it may be worth sizing up or down accordingly.

3. Check Sizing Charts

Once you have your measurements, refer to the sizing chart of the socks you want. Each brand might have a slightly different sizing ratio, so look closely every time you shop. Here’s a handy reference guide to help you find the perfect fit. 

Once you’ve found your size, you can start to make the more exciting decisions like choosing the color and print of your new footwear.

What to Look for in Plus Size Compression Socks

While boosting your circulation is the primary goal of wearing compression socks, there are some other factors to consider when choosing your next pair.

Extra-Wide-Calf Design

If you have plus-sized calves, you’ll need to find compression socks that properly fit all your curves. Regular compression socks may be just too tight, so opt for socks that are specifically designed for wide and plus-size calves. Here’s a pair that’s great for dressier occasions or everyday style.

Black OTC Extra Wide Compression Socks

True Graduated Compression

Graduated compression refers to compression that is firmer at the foot and gradually eases up toward the knee. This encourages your blood to flow freely toward the heart and prevents fluids from pooling in your lower legs. For comfortable daily compression, opt for standard over-the-counter compression (OTC) of 15-20mmHg. These Blue Heather socks feature OTC compression that will give you the perfect snug squeeze.

Blue Heather OTC Extra Wide Compression Socks

Moisture-Wicking Materials

Wearing tall socks could leave you feeling overheated and frustrated, so look for compression socks made with cooling, moisture-wicking fabrics. Synthetic blends such as nylon and spandex are able to move sweat and heat away from your skin, keeping your legs and feet cool and dry. With these Tropical Hibiscus socks, you’ll stay cool, comfortable, and camouflage even in the steamiest jungle.

Tropical Hibiscus OTC Extra Wide Compression Socks

Diverse Styles

Compression socks are most effective when worn daily, so having access to a range of colors and patterns will make sure you don’t get bored of the same old pair. As the styles available for plus-size compression socks can be even more limited than regular fits, it’s crucial to set yourself up to feel your best. The burst of color on these socks will let everyone know you’ve got flair down to your toes!

Color Burst OTC Extra Wide Compression Socks

Plus-Size Compression Socks by Crazy Compression

When it comes to plus-size compression socks that you’ll actually want to wear, you can’t beat Crazy Compression. We’ve taken our extremely popular compression socks and made them accessible to even more bodies with the addition of wide-calf options.

Our extra-wide-calf compression socks feature true graduated compression, a seamless toe, and Stay Cool Technology to keep your lower legs feeling comfortable all day long. Plus, there’s a huge range of colors, patterns, and seasonal prints to choose from, because being comfortable shouldn’t be boring!

At Crazy Compression, the right fit is more than just a measurement. Discover plus-size compression socks that work for your style, your mood, and your body.

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