Crazy Compression

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Person wearing knee high, blue, striped socks

Why Compression Socks Should Be in Every Nurse's Wardrobe

It's no secret that nurses save lives. They spend all day and all night on long shifts, staying on their feet for hours. But sometimes, they're so busy caring for other people that they forget to c...

NursingWorkout Tips for Traveling Nurses

Workout Tips for Traveling Nurses

Travel nursing is lucrative and exciting, and it’s a great way to see new places and meet new people. Yet, despite the benefits, one of the major challenges for traveling nurses is staying fit and ...

NursingWays Nurses Can Relieve Stress

Ways Nurses Can Relieve Stress

Nursing is always a stressful profession, but the last 18 months have been particularly taxing both mentally and physically. And despite the fatigue that so many nurses are feeling, unfortunately, ...

NursingSpoil That Nurse In Your Life -- 12 Nursing Gift Ideas 

Spoil That Nurse In Your Life -- 12 Nursing Gift Ideas 

More than just a job, the choice to become a registered nurse or nurse practitioner is a lifestyle. From long shifts, odd working hours, and holidays on the clock, truth is, spoiling that nurse in ...

NursingFoot and Leg Self-Care for Nurses

Foot and Leg Self-Care for Nurses

Long, grueling shifts are hard on nurses’ legs and feet. Nurses know the discomfort that can come from being on their feet constantly throughout a 12-hour shift, and it’s no surprise that nurses ar...

NursingDear Nurses (aka Superheroes)

Dear Nurses (aka Superheroes)

Today isn’t what you signed up for, and still, you show up. We want you to know we see you and we are grateful.  We are grateful for the long, critical hours you are putting in while displaying br...