Top 5 Compression Socks for Men

Top 5 Compression Socks for Men

Compression socks are often seen on the legs of pregnant mothers and women on maternity leave, but that doesn’t mean they are only for female feet. In fact, the first compression socks were designed with a man’s calves in mind: Conrad Jobset invented the inaugural pair in the 1950s to help relieve the discomfort of his own varicose veins, and they quickly caught on for all sorts of other circulation problems.  

Whether it’s uncomfortable airplane seats, long days at a desk, or just too much time on your feet, men today have a multitude of reasons why they need some extra support in their lower extremities. For starters, they tend to be taller, which means blood has to travel farther. Nearly half of all men will suffer from varicose veins in their life, and complications from circulation-related vascular diseases can cause up to 70% of affected men to seek out a little assistance from companies like Viagra and Cialis. 

In other words, poor circulatory health is not something you can afford to ignore, and men deserve a compression sock that is purpose-built with their pieds in mind. Science shows that men’s feet are an engineering challenge all their own, and a great pair of compression socks needs to be perfectly constructed and tailored to keep your blood pumping along. 

At Crazy Compression, we’re dedicated to designing socks that deliver the performance, comfort, and style your legs deserve. Here’s a list of our top 5 compression socks to keep your feet healthy and happy for any situation you face. 

1. Classic Black 

black compression socks

Every man needs several pairs of black socks, whether it’s for the office, a dressy affair, or just a stylish match with a pair of slacks. Sadly, most black socks are thin, generic tubes meant for a wide range of sizes and they offer no support. Worst of all, they’re often so short that you’re in danger of showing that dreaded calf when you sit down. 

This is where Crazy Compression’s classic black three pack hits a triple. Their sleek design comes in a range of sizes to perfectly fit any foot, they never bunch up around your ankles, and always make for a classy addition to any formal affair.  

And while they’re perfect for the dance floor, they were designed by CC’s rats in the lab. Our experts have engineered our socks to deliver true graduated compression of 15-20mmHg that tapers through your leg so every joint and bend gets exactly the support it needs. Meanwhile, Stay Cool technology and a seamless toe make sure your feet can always catch a breather. 

2. Storm Trooper Crazy Crosstrainer

crosstrainer socks

Athletes keep their finger on the pulse of their pulse, and no hiker or baller can afford to ignore the impact their feet have on their VO2 max. That’s where the Storm Trooper Crazy Crosstrainer can make all the difference, but don’t worry: you’ll still be shooting straight in these Star Wars-themed socks. Besides looking stylish for the love of the game, these sports-centric sweat soakers offer unparalleled support under the most extreme training conditions. 

Our Pro Trainer design features enhanced lateral movement to offer additional mobility during intense crossfit sessions or agility training, while the ankle brace integration offers protection against sprains. Like all our footwear, they also ensure your feet and ankles receive maximum circulation. Finally, moisture-wicking materials keep you dry and ready for action, even when you’ve been pushing yourself to the limit. 

3. White OTC Extra Wide Calf

extra wide calf compression socks

Wearing regular shoes with wide-size feet is a painful experience, and your legs will feel just as pinched if your compression socks don’t conform to your calves.The White OTC Extra Wide Calf is the perfect choice for the big and tall crowd, offering extra room without compromising on function. With the same true graduated compression of 15-20mmHg you’d find in Crazy Compression’s standard fare, these socks give you the same benefits no matter your size

And unlike many other footwear brands, you can always expect to get the same quality and comfort regardless of your needs. All our wide-calf socks incorporate Stay Cool technology and a seamless toe, ensuring you always stand tall with unmatched support and a tailored fit.

4. 360 Webber 

spider design compression socks

Airplanes are notoriously uncomfortable, and men tend to have it the worst. Folding up long legs and sitting in a small seat for several hours can wreak havoc on your lower extremities, and it’s why doctors are recommending compression socks to save the day every time you take to the air.

The 360 Webber will remind everyone from security (please take off your shoes, sir…) to your seatmates that there’s a superhero riding shotgun. These Spiderman-themed compression socks lighten any takeoff, but they’re built with spidey sense in mind. Their seamless, wraparound design and graduated compression will keep you comfortable from taxi to landing, and ready to handle anything along the way. 

5. 360 Festive Needlepoint Holiday Socks

needlepoint holiday compression socks

Why are Crazy Compression’s Christmas socks a top choice? Simple: if your aching feet need to be tightly wound during the holidays, then you deserve to be taking it easy. Like the 360 Webber, this eye-catching sock shows off a seamless all-around pattern that sings with Christmas spirit while maintaining a subtle profile. Ideal for cold and cozy mornings wrapping gifts for The Big Day, these compression socks for men pair beautifully with a cup of hot cocoa or spiced apple cider.

No matter how much trekking through the snow you’re doing to meet all your social obligations this year, put your feet up, relax, and settle into the holiday spirit!

Choosing the Perfect Compression Socks for Men

Men deserve a sock that fits just right, and Crazy Compression is here to support them (and their feet!) with healthy footwear built just for them. If you’re suffering from sore feet and circulation problems, it’s time to get back in the swing of things in comfort and style. Check out all the fashionable, fun, and tailored socks in the Crazy Compression men’s collection today!

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