Why We Love Nurses

Why We Love Nurses

If you are a nurse or have a nurse in your life, we’re pretty sure you’ll agree that there is a lot to love about them. They often sacrifice their own well-being, put their own health at risk, and do it all with a big heart. 

At Crazy Compression, we are head over heels about compression socks but we are even more crazy about the people who care for us around the clock, in our scariest moments, helping us take one step after the next. 

Here are just a few of the reasons we love nurses. What would you add?

Passionate about helping others

Being a nurse is a commitment to help others--not just the people in your inner circle but everyone who needs your help. These men and women have the ability to care for those who they may never see again, often never even receiving thanks. 


Caring about others is why many enter the nursing profession. These professionals truly care about the people they help. Nurses often see us in our worst moments, helping us to carry our burdens in times of strife. It’s a heavy toll, one that takes a compassionate loving heart. Perhaps that’s why in movies the injured soldier is always falling for the nurse. Who can resist falling in love with the heart of a nurse?  

Familiar face

Nurses, with their twelve-hour shifts, become the familiar face in the hospital room. If you’ve ever had a long hospital stay, chances are high you’ve asked your favorite nurse when she would be back for her next shift. We know we have. There is comfort in familiarity and knowing that there is someone cheering you on and helping the pain dissipate, while fighting the fight with you. 

Highly skilled

Nursing school isn’t an easy route. The training and the profession are difficult, demanding a skilled hand and a sharp mind. Not to mention that medicine and therapies are constantly changing, requiring nurses to keep up with current medical trends and therapies. Nurses are always learning, staying up to date on the most effective ways to care for their patients. 

Incredible work ethic

Long shifts require hard, dedicated workers. Lives depend on nurses’ abilities to stay sharp and focused. Nurses are constantly placing their patients, and the families of those patients, first. They do the dirty jobs with a smile on their face. They often need a reminder to slow down, put their feet up, and do a little self-care


A nurse’s workday is full of tasks--from monitoring multiple patients, medications, and care to explaining difficult medical terms and diagnosis until we understand them. It seems that they are always on their feet, ready to run at a moment’s notice while still being able to stand calmly by your side, holding your hand during the difficult moments. They are patient even with a never ending to-do list in front of them. 

Our advocates

Nurses are our advocates. They are on the front lines, interpreting the world of medicine for the patient, reminding the doctor of our wishes, and caring deeply for every aspect of the process. They administer or assist with medical procedures, keep visitors at bay when we need rest, and help us recover. 

How to say thank you

Nurses don’t always hear thank you. Here at Crazy Compression, we believe they should be celebrated and thanked as often as possible. If there is a nurse in your life, take a moment today to do something special for him or her. Following are a few ideas to get you started. 

Say thank you. It sounds so simple and yet it is often overlooked. Perhaps you can’t walk back into the hospital and say the words but you can write a thank you letter to the nurses where you were treated, asking that your note be placed in a central location where nurses can be celebrated publicly. Add a picture of yourself so they remember exactly who you are and then start gushing about how amazing the nurses were. If you remember their names, personalize your note by addressing them by name.  

Send a treat. Why not send the nurses flowers or chocolate after your discharge? Maybe there is a hospice nurse who recently helped your family. Send him or her a card and a bouquet, letting them know how much their compassion and advocacy meant to you during one of the hardest times of your life. Trust me, it was hard for them too. A kind word and acknowledgment can go far.

Give a gift of self-care. Do you have someone in your inner circle who is a nurse? Perhaps it’s someone you see when you visit your grandmother at the assisted living facility. She’s always on her feet isn’t she? Running from one need to another, laughing, and caring for your grandmother and her friends. She doesn’t think of her own self-care or comfort, only that of her patients. Give her the gift of comfort. All that time running around from one grandparent to the next can make her legs and feet sore. Offer her a pair of compression socks. We’ve got designs for every personality. There are plenty of reasons why compression socks make the perfect gift for nurses. 

Listen. Nurses have some wonderful stories but they also have some hard ones. A listening ear and a willingness to allow them to unpack their day can go a long way. Take a nurse friend to dinner and let her tell you about her stressful, crazy day. Listen to what she doesn’t say as much as to what she does. Be a friend. If you don’t have nurse friends but want to understand what it’s like to be a nurse, then check out a few of these nurse blogs. You’ll grow a deeper appreciation! 

A thankful heart goes a long way towards a better world. A simple thank you and a smile are the best gifts any of us can truly give. So from the bottom of our hearts thank you, nurses. You keep us going and for that, we are forever grateful. 

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