Best Valentine Gifts for Your Runner

Best Valentine Gifts for Your Runner

Are you in love with a runner and looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift to let them know that you “get” them? Maybe you don’t understand their love for running but that doesn’t mean you can’t be supportive of the one you love. The following are a few ideas to fit any budget. 


Running with the kids is fun but an afternoon free to enjoy a scenic run with a friend or alone can be bliss. If the love of your life usually takes the kids on the trail or track, offer to give her a few hours of alone time to go running. If one of her big joys is running with the babies, a running stroller may also be a big hit. 

Weekend Getaway

If you are looking for a weekend getaway, why not book it around a run? Here are a few fun vacation ideas for the runner in your life. Running through wine country might just be the perfect way to say I love you this year. For something closer to home pack a picnic lunch neatly in a backpack and then hit a local trail, beach, or her favorite neighborhood park for an evening run that ends with a picnic and a gorgeous sunset view. 

Compression Socks

Get her thinking about you on every run by gifting her with a variety of crazy fun compression socks. Let her know you care about her goals, her recovery, and her heart. These socks offer a graduated compression that feels like a hug and gets the blood pumping in the right direction. It might just save you from having to rub her feet as much, but then again that sounds like a pretty sweet way to say I love you too. There are so many styles to choose from: sloths, cats, dogs, skulls, stripes, dots, and more. You’re sure to find the perfect pair or two. 

New Running Shoes

A good pair of running shoes goes a long way. Most runners have a favorite so we won’t tell you which to choose; instead, we suggest asking questions (yes questions are more effective then snooping through her closet). Find out which shoes she’s had her eye on. Or better yet surprise her with a trip to the shoe store and then tell her to go crazy. You can always sneak a pair of crazy compression socks into the shoebox on the way home. Showing your runner how much you care for and love her feet is a great way to say I love you while supporting her in her goals.  

New Tech

Instead of hitting the jewelry store this year, why not try the Apple store. An Apple Watch, Garmin or one of the many other versions of fitness watches is a great tech addition for any runner. Let her track her runs, set goals, and earn small rewards along the way. It’s surprising how much simply closing a ring on a watch can motivate us. But hey, it works! Look for one that is compatible with the apps she is already using to make the transition to the new technology seamless.

Another great piece of technology for the runner in your life is wireless earbuds. It is possible to listen to great music, a podcast, or even take a call while on the run without having to hold on to a phone or wrestle one’s way through tangled wires. 

A Gift Basket

Do you want to take your runner by complete surprise? Throw in a few or all of these into a fun running themed basket for Valentine’s Day. She’ll think it’s Christmas all over again.  

If you are looking for some more ideas, 20 Things You Know When You Are Dating A Runner should help get your creative juices flowing. Anything to take care of those aching feet, help with recovery, or show your support will be a win. 

Start Running Too

Of course, we’d suggest taking up running yourself. Why not hit the trails with her and join in on the one thing she loves the most? Here are a few ideas to help you learn to love running from Zen Habits. Start hitting the trails together and next year you can surprise her with matching Valentine’s Day compression socks. 

Finding the perfect running partner is important. It will keep you both working towards your goals and increase your chances of hitting them. It’s also a great way to dream about the future together. Common goals bond us to one another. A nice run is a great way to make memories. 

Yes, we do keep going on and on about these compression socks. Why? Because they work! If you’ve never tried a pair before here’s what you need to know: 

Crazy Compression socks are made with a lightweight, breathable micro-nylon with moisture control. Moisture-wicking material helps keep feet drier and more comfortable. They are durable and come with a lifetime guarantee. Make sure you get the right size. When ordering your socks on our website, pay attention to the sizing chart below every design. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have. We’re pretty proud of our selection and know you will find the perfect one for your Valentine. Looking stylish on your run while keeping your feet and legs in great condition is what we are all about. Before you order, be sure to read  The Difference Between Compression Socks and Sleeves to make sure you are getting the optimal sock/sleeve. 

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