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We wear compression socks to improve the blood flow to the veins in our legs. Regardless of health, weight, size, or reasons—compression socks are for everyone and anyone! A wide range of diverse people around the U.S. and the globe find compression socks the go-to for comfort and health. Whether we work on our feet for long hours, are pushing ourselves to better our health, or because we love them, compression socks are an excellent add-on to our everyday wardrobes.

Not only are our fun crazy socks fun for those who work on their feet all day, but they are an excellent resource for nurses. Compressions socks have been shown to alleviate foot fatigue, reduce swelling, and in some instances, relieve foot pain entirely!

With our massive selection of vibrant, colorful, personality-filled crazy socks, whether you need a fun pair to match your scrubs or the perfect pair for running your favorite trail and lounging on the weekends, you'll no doubt find a pair that's perfect for you.

We create the most authentic, 15-20 mmHg true graduated compression socks for nurses, athletes, and more. We firmly stand by our declaration of quality with a lifetime guarantee! Unraveling, holes, ill-fitting, random sizes begone! With Crazy Compression, you will find our quirky, crazy, or cozy socks that resist bunching and sliding, have ultra-comfortable seamless toes, and come with Stay-Cool Technology to avoid overheating.

If you are tired of struggling to find the perfect pair of compression socks for nurses, athletes, for medical purposes or, just to protect and support your feet during the long hours, you have to be on them? Our wide range of fun, functional crazy socks will be the solution you have been waiting for! Easy to put on, less cumbersome than bandages, with more colors, patterns, and designs than ever before.

Would you love to know more about our compression socks? Do you have questions about this collection or any of our premium quality socks? We'd love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to us via email at or call our super-secret sock lab at 1-828-514-0961.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do nurses wear compression socks?
A: If you're in a career field that requires you to be on your feet for hours at a time, compression socks can help reduce pain and swelling in your legs or ankles. These socks apply a gentle pressure to your legs that boosts blood circulation, prevents blood from pooling in your leg veins, and lessens the pain caused by varicose veins. That's why nurses love compression socks so much: while they take care of their patients for 12-13 hours at a time, their socks take care of their legs.

Q: What level of compression socks do I need for nursing?
A: There are 5 levels of compression socks categorized by millimeters of mercury: (1) Light Compression, 8-15 mmHg, (2) Mild Compression, 15-20 mmHg, (3) Medium Compression/Medical Grade Class I, 20-30 mmHg, (4) Firm Compression/Medical Grade Class II, 30-40 mmHg, and (5) Extra Firm Compression/Medical Grade Class III, 50-60 mmHg. Unless you have a medical condition requiring a higher level of mmHg, we recommend Mild Compression socks with 15-20 mmHg because they're very effective for treating swelling, achy legs.

Q: Do compression socks really work for nurses?
A: Absolutely. Nurses are constantly on their feet during their shifts, even shifts that last 13 or more hours. It might be hard to believe, but being on your feet for too long can be just as bad for you as sitting for too long. Nurses wear compression socks to prevent painful varicose veins, decrease their risk of blood clots, and help their sore muscles recover.

Q: What are the best compression stockings for nurses?
A: Nurses need compression on their legs, but they also need to be able to move, especially if something bad happens and they need to run into a patient's room. For that reason, we recommend compression socks instead of stockings, which can feel a little more restricting. If you're shopping for a nurse, look for compression socks with 15-20 mmHg and Stay Cool technology so that they can stay as comfortable as possible all day/night.

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129 products