72 products

72 products

As a man, do you want to have just as much fun with your compression sock patterns as women do? You've come to the right place! We have men's compression socks with skulls, lightning bolts, serene beach settings, and so much red, white, and blue that you'll feel as devoted to the USA as George Washington.

If you want a fun pattern but don't want it to cover the WHOLE sock, you'll probably love our Black OTC Skull & Bones Compression Socks and our Black OTC America Compression Socks. The shin is solid black, but the calf will either have gray skulls and crossbones or a splattered paint version of the American flag, depending on which style you decide to order. Either option says you're a fighter, whether you feel more like a pirate or a patriot.

Our men's compression socks come in a lot of the same fun patterns as women's, but if you prefer a subtler style, you might be interested in our Black OTC Solid Compression Socks. Besides the fun company logo on the leg and the small company name on top of the foot, these socks are completely black, stealthy enough to be worn by a ninja. Whether you work in healthcare or love going for morning jogs, these socks will help you stay light on your feet. If you're interested in other solid color compression socks, we also have royal blue, gray, and white.

Maybe you're not into SUPER crazy patterns, but you do enjoy some good stripes. Our All About Stripes Compression socks have a black background and feature stripes in different shades of gray or blue, depending on whether you prefer the "Classic Black" or "Nuevo Navy." If gray's your favorite color, though, you may prefer our "Cool Gray," which looks very similar to the "Classic Black," but features a gray background instead of black. Other options for stripe-like patterns include our Radiant Blues, Radiant Black, Jazzy Black, and Jazzy Navy.

Crazy Compression socks fit you better than the socks you get from other companies; in fact, some people think they feel more like regular socks than they do compression socks, but they still get all the great benefits compression socks have to offer. Get ready to see quick, satisfying results when you shop with us!