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360 USA Tie Dye360 USA Tie Dye
360 USA Tie Dye Sale price$ 25.00 Regular price$ 42.00
360 Tie Dye Rainbow360 Tie Dye Rainbow
360 Tie Dye Rainbow Sale price$ 25.00 Regular price$ 42.00
360 Tie Dye Black360 Tie Dye Black
360 Tie Dye Black Sale price$ 25.00 Regular price$ 42.00
360 Tie Dye360 Tie Dye
360 Tie Dye Sale price$ 25.00 Regular price$ 42.00
360 Digital-Tie-Dye360 Digital-Tie-Dye
360 Digital-Tie-Dye Sale price$ 25.00 Regular price$ 42.00
360 Color Run360 Color Run
360 Color Run Sale price$ 25.00 Regular price$ 42.00
360 Digital-Tie-Dye (EXTRA WIDE CALF)360 Digital-Tie-Dye (EXTRA WIDE CALF)
360 Digital-Tie-Dye (EXTRA WIDE CALF) Sale price$ 25.00 Regular price$ 42.00
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Tie Dye Compression Socks

Are you fed up with those compression socks that, no matter what you do, keep rolling down your legs? What about the socks that say they're one size fits all, but every time you buy them, they are too big or way too small. And what about those compression socks that brag about being long-lasting and comfortable, but it's been a week, you can see your pinkie toe through the material, and the seam rubs your skin raw?

If you said yes and experience any of the above, it's time for a groovy change. We're here to add back the fun and personality to your morning runs, long travel times, healing, work shifts, and personal comfort with our tie-dye compression socks. These aren't your grandma's compression socks! Vivid, bright, gorgeous colors in the familiar patterns that inspire the peace, love, and granola vibes of the 60s and 70s merge with today's cutting-edge technology.

At Crazy Compression, with over 8 decades behind us in understanding the unique industry of footwear and compression, we know how essential quality and expression are to our customers. Every pair of our tie-dye compression socks come with our extraordinary lifetime guarantee and are made with meticulous attention to detail to ensure the highest quality. Features include our customer favorite Stay Cool Technology, a specialized material that helps wick moisture away from the feet, while our tie-dye compression socks keep you cool and comfortable. Meanwhile, our seamless toes make skin irritation a thing of the past, and additional specially engineered mesh channels in the foot allow even more airflow.

Additionally, these psychedelic tie-dye compression socks target the ankle with 20 mmHg for extra stabilization and support, and the compression gently becomes lighter as the sock goes up. Whether you love the neon shades of tie-dye or the more elegant and subtle patterns, we have a pair of compression socks that you will fall in love with wearing every time.

Do you love what we do and love our compression socks but can't find the right design for you? We do custom compression socks! Yes, it's true! Visit our Design Your Own Socks to create a pair that comes with our lifetime guarantee and a design that no one else in the world will own! Want to know more about our tie-dye compression socks, or have questions? Feel free to reach out to us, and we'd love to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you tie-dye compression socks?

A: Unless your compression socks are made of at least 80% cotton, we wouldn't recommend it. Fortunately, you can find a lot of tie-dye compression socks on our website. When you have to wear scrubs or any other work uniform, getting to wear tie-dye socks can let you show off your unique personal style. The colors are also just a lot of fun.

Q: What kind of socks can you tie-dye?

A: Materials like spandex and polyester won't hold dye. If you're going to tie-dye socks, make sure you use a pair that is at least 80% cotton. Additionally, white socks will give you the brightest and most visible colors in your results.

Q: How do you crumple tie-dye socks?

A: One way to crumple socks in preparation for the dye is to scrunch it up until it's almost a circle and then secure it with a rubber band. You can also use 4-5 rubber bands on each sock, rolling it up into a tube-like shape. There are a lot of different patterns you can make depending on how you place the rubber bands, including stripes, spirals, circles, and ring patterns.

Q: What compression socks do doctors recommend?

A: If you're brand new to the world of compression socks, and if you don't have any medical conditions that you're trying to treat the socks with, doctors recommend compression socks with a mild level of pressure, 15-20 mmHg. These socks are best for reducing swelling and achiness in the legs, especially if you plan on standing for a long period. If you do have a medical condition, you should consult your doctor for specific recommendations.