Under The Sea Themed Compression Socks

You don't have to live near the coast to bring the ocean wherever you go. Our Under The Sea compression socks collection will help you set your inner mermaid free and show your love for the big, blue ocean that covers 70% of our planet.

Our mermaid scale socks are our best-selling Under The Sea-themed compression socks. There are a few different styles and colors you can choose from: first, we have our 360 Mermaid socks in teal, purple, and pink. These two-dimensional scales are colorful and fanciful, featuring pretty accent colors that help the scales feel more authentic. We also have 360 Mermaid 3D socks in aqua if you'd like scales that look shinier and more realistic. Our 360 Active Mermaid Socks have scales that look like a combination of our 2D and 3D scales, but they also feature the ends of two matching mermaid tails on the top of each foot. These socks come in blue, purple, and pink. If you love the style of the Active Mermaid Socks but want to add some bubbles into the mix, try our 360 Mermaid Mosaic socks.

Are you the world's biggest shark fan? Our Under The Sea socks have plenty of shark-themed prints that are both kid-friendly and fierce. If you work with kids, these socks guarantee you at least one new, tiny best friend. Our 360 Shark Happy compression sharks have light blue cartoon sharks swimming with colorful fish against a dark blue background, while the 360 Sea Shore gives you an origami island view with a shark swimming underwater. The 360 Shark Frenzy socks are more artistic, featuring pink, purple, blue, and yellow sharks that look like they're on the prowl. Our 360 Shark Bait compression socks look like they belong in a Sunday morning comic, with orange, pink, and purple scuba diving sharks wearing swim trunks. Showcase all your favorite ocean giants with our 360 Deep Blue Sea socks, featuring purple sharks and big, blue whales.

The Under The Sea-themed compression socks are unique and diverse in style, guaranteeing that even the pickiest customers will find their perfect style. If you have any questions or want a second opinion on our products, feel free to call us!

7 products

7 products