Copy of Our Story :)

It starts over 80 years ago in the foothills of North Carolina when our Grandmother (Ethel) & Grandfather (Alvin) started pairing and folding socks in their living room. From there, Alvin started his own company with a partner specializing in children’s socks. As the company started to grow, Alvin decided he liked fishing more than managing a large company so he stepped away, created a small sock finishing business with one employee and continued to fish.

Fast forward to 1975, our father Mike “Sr” came back from the service and decided he wanted to be part of the business. My grandparents sold him the company for only $1. 

Sr grew the company and all his kids grew up working in the factory. Mom ran the books, Dad ran the operations and the kids swept the floors, took out the trash or helped anywhere and everywhere before and after school. 

Sr decided when Jr (big brother) was a teenager that he should learn how to work on knitting machines, so he sent him to our cousins knitting mill to learn the craft. He enjoyed it so much that when Jr graduated college he would join Sr in 2001…which was literally one of the worst times to be a domestic sock manufacturer b/c everything moved overseas. 

Fortunately they persevered and in 2012, Nate, the youngest of the three kids who was ready for a change from working in the corporate world, went to Jr with an idea to start their first factory owned brand. Therefore, Crazy Compression was formed and 1 year later Melanie the oldest of the three kids joined the team. 

The goal, put the FUN in Functional True Graduated Compression & pass the savings to the customer! 

Quick Recap - 

- Small Family Business that started in a living room 

- Over 80 years of sock experience 

- The little brother designs the socks, the big brother knits the socks and the big sister ships the socks

- American Made

- Every sock is made in our families factory in Western North Carolina

- Fun, Functional & a Lifetime guarantee on all of our products