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Benefits of Wearing Compression Socks in Daily Life

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Have you ever wondered who can benefit from wearing compression socks daily? Many still think plain beige, black, or grey compression socks are only for medical purposes. Some associate compression socks as a garment only the elderly or recovering from surgery may wear.
Compression socks are indeed unique for surgery recovery or those confined to bed rest, but there are so many more benefits and so many more people who wear compression socks in their daily life!

Who Wears Compression Socks Daily?

Athletes and Runners

Compression socks help to enhance healthy circulation and increase the support from your shoes. When one part is out of sync, the entire body suffers. This is especially true of the ankles and feet. Work to prevent injury, not just treat it.
Compression is excellent for muscle recovery. Compression socks improve blood circulation within the legs while increasing the support properly fitted shoes give you during a run. You'll enjoy your runs even more by taking care of your feet, ankles, legs, and circulation. Ensure your feet and ankles are vital when you hit the trail, and give them the support they need through compression.

Anyone With a Job That Requires Long Hours Standing

Nurses, medical techs, retail workers, hairdressers, food service industry workers, mail carriers, carpenters, production workers—anyone who has to spend a long day at work on their feet adore compression socks. Hours of running back and forth, serving others, take a toll. Your feet ache, and your ankles swell. By slipping on a pair of crazy compression socks before a shift, you'll prevent the pain and give your heart an extra boost of love as well. Whether waiting on tables or saving lives, you must keep your feet healthy and ready for anything.

Frequent Fliers and Travellers

Whether you've been an avid traveler for pleasure or business or have made it a goal this year to up your flying miles and see the world, compression socks are a great addition to your travel bag. Airplanes do a number on your body. The changes in cabin pressure lead to bloating, the lack of legroom and sitting for long hours is hard on circulation, and dehydration is a norm on long flights. All of this leads to swelling and pain in your ankles. Compression socks can help reduce swelling and give your circulation the extra support it needs in flight.

Any Job That Requires Long Hours Being Seated

If you work in an office, whether at the job site or from home, and are seated for long hours, then compression socks are a favorite to keep circulation in your legs and feet healthy. Several risks come from being sedentary and sitting for too long. You can increase your circulatory health while decreasing the negative impact on your body caused by your desk job, one of which is to invest in high-quality compression socks.

Anyone Pregnant

Congratulations! That's the first thing we want to say if you expect a little bundle of joy. The next is to offer you some advice regarding swollen ankles. Compression socks during pregnancy will help alleviate leg pain, reduce swelling, and help the tired, heavy feeling in your legs. They also may prevent spider veins, varicose veins, and edema. The graduated compression prevents the blood from pooling in the veins and keeps the blood traveling in the direction it is meant to go, back towards your heart.

Which Medical Conditions Benefit From Compression Socks?

Surgery Recovery or Bed Confinement

When unable to move around, the chance of developing dangerous blood clots increases. Used to help increase blood flow in the legs and feet while minimizing damaging bedrest side effects, socks with compression are prescribed to injured, ill, and the elderly. The added circulation benefits are vital if you find yourself when your movement is limited.

Those Suffering From Varicose Veins

A genetic issue that is caused by decreased blood flow and weakened values, varicose veins can cause the appearance of blue lines and pain in the legs or feet. To help improve circulation and reduce swelling in the veins that aren't working correctly, many people find that compression socks aid in the alleviation of painful symptoms. Also, if you suffer from varicose veins and want to combat their appearance, compression socks, and the resulting improved blood flow could prove helpful in reducing the visibility of new varicose veins.

Edema or Leg and Foot Swelling

There are plenty of reasons in your life that you may encounter swelling in the legs and feet. Issues like kidney disease, injury, long flights, and pregnancy can all cause the body to retain fluid. Compression can help reduce stress and minimize fluid retention by boosting circulation in your lower extremities. Compression socks may be the answer. The right pair will help push fluid and blood out of your legs.

Athletic Performance Enhancing and Stabilization

From gaining extra weight to standing all day or participating in athletics, putting additional strain on the legs and feet can lead to disturbances in blood flow, the build-up of lactic acids, and fluid retention. While many competitive runners, hikers, skiers, and more wear compression socks before a competition to improve sore muscles and minimize the risk of swelling, people like pregnant women, teachers, and nurses wear compression socks to help support them during long days. After all, we all need some extra performance and stabilization aid occasionally.
Who Benefits From Wearing Compression Socks Daily? Everyone! Young or old, pregnant or athletic, runners or nurses—anyone and everyone can enjoy the benefits of wearing compression socks in their daily life for many reasons. So before you head out to work, lace up and hit the ground running, decide to take a hike, or whatever you choose to do—don't forget to get into your favorite pair of unique Crazy Compression socks!
These aren't your grandparent's socks! Browse the most fun, eclectic, colorful compression socks to reflect your wonderful personality and float away on healthier, happier feet and legs today. 

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