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Do Compression Socks Help with Recovery Time in Training?

Do Compression Socks Help with Recovery Time in Training?

Marathon season is quickly approaching. Whether you run for fun or competition, compression socks help your recovery during training while improving your performance levels during the marathon.

If compression socks are a new discovery for you, ask your running friends for their thoughts. Chances are you will hear stories of how compression socks or sleeves reduce soreness and swelling. Runners are picky about their gear, and we aim to please. Not only are our socks and sleeves colorful and fun, but they demonstrate results.

So how exactly do compression socks work?

What do compression socks do?

Our compression socks are designed to promote circulation in your legs. The socks improve circulation and blood flow by utilizing graduated compression. Our socks apply pressure near the ankle and gradually apply less and less pressure as the sock moves up the leg. They work to counteract blood pooling by pushing the blood back up the leg. Think of them as a counter to gravity. By promoting the blood flow back up to the heart, they reduce swelling while aiding in muscle recovery.

For those training for a marathon, they may help the runner reach optimal performance levels while assisting in recovery.

Do compression socks improve recovery?

Initially, compression garments were designed for a clinical setting. Their purpose was to improve venous blood return while reducing leg swelling and blood clots. While scientific opinion for compression’s use in sports recovery has varied, a randomized controlled study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that athletes who wore compression socks performed better than those who did not. This performance-oriented study of 33 athletes suggests that compression socks improve an athlete’s recovery time. Those participating in the study who wore compression socks saw significant improvement compared to those who did not wear the socks.

Have you ever experienced delayed onset soreness? This is the soreness that comes the next day after the run. The reason for the soreness is that the muscles are swelling, causing pressure-related pain. Post-run soreness needs improved blood flow to reduce the swelling. That’s how compression socks can help after a marathon. Wear your favorite pairs of compressions socks even when you are not running, enabling you to recover faster by supporting blood circulation throughout your feet and legs.  

Be prepared

It’s important to be proactive regarding your recovery. Have a plan in place to recover after a half or full marathon by taking a look at Nine Ways to Recover. For the most effective recovery, compression socks can provide the support and assistance you need to get back on your feet and training for the next big race.

Be sure to take adequate time to recover but don’t stay on the sidelines too long, losing your edge. Instead, utilize the technology that we have spent over 40 years perfecting to aide in your recovery. Take advantage of our expertise to improve your run and show off your stride in style.

The best compression socks improve your circulation, provide maximum comfort, and make you look good! That’s why we offer a variety of crazy fun prints. You can also customize your compression socks for your specific needs.

Don’t just take our word for it, experience for yourself how Crazy Compression Socks can aid you in your training recovery.

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