Do You Need Wide-Calf Socks? Maybe.

Do You Need Wide-Calf Socks? Maybe.

Have you ever pulled on a pair of socks only to see the pattern get all wonky while your calf muscles are uncomfortably squeezed? Yep, we’ve been there and it’s not fun. Thankfully, there’s an easy fix: wide-calf socks! Wide-calf socks are specially engineered to be stretchier than your typical knee highs so the pattern stays put and your calves feel great. 

Are your socks too tight? 

When socks are too tight, it’s hard to feel comfortable. If your socks:

  • Feel like they squeeze around the calf
  • Leave imprints on your legs long after you remove them
  • Stretch out and sag

Then you’re a candidate for wide-calf socks. 

When your calf is wider than 18” in diameter, you probably find conventional socks too restrictive, causing major discomfort. When socks are too tight, they can restrict blood flow to your feet and ankles. Not only does that cause daily pain, itching, and irritation, but it risks medical problems down the line. 

Do You Suffer From Edema?

Edema is a condition that causes fluid build-up in your tissues that results in swelling or puffiness, which definitely makes your calves wider. Edema might be a long-term problem for you, or just a temporary annoyance caused by water retention from eating too much salt (Taco Tuesday, anyone?). Either way, it can totally make your socks feel tight around the calves. 

Are You a Gymshark?

If you’re regularly hitting the pavement or the gym, you probably already know that intense workouts cause micro-tears in your muscles. That’s how you get those gorgeous gams in the first place! Of course, that’s also how you might end up with socks that are way too tight for your full calf muscles, especially during workouts. If you’re doing jump squats and other high-impact activities, you’re pretty much guaranteed a wider calf muscle that suffocates in too-tight socks. 

Are You a Plus-Size Babe? 

Many plus-size trend-setters are no strangers to the need for wide-calf boots and socks in their closet. Those curvaceous calves need room to breathe, after all! That’s why tight, conventional knee-high socks that feel restrictive just don’t cut it. 

Solution: Wide-Calf Socks

We designed wide-calf socks with you in mind. Stretching out to a perfect 24 inches, these knee-highs are ideal for plus-size women and women who are blessed with muscular calves. 

In short, you want socks that feel great and look great. The material really matters, too. Sock fabric should be flexible, shaping effortlessly to the contours of your feet and calves. 

Here’s what to look for in sock material:

  • Durability: fabric blends with polyester improve durability.
  • Breathability: cotton fabrics improve air circulation, so your socks feel light.
  • Flexibility: fabrics like nylon help your socks move with you, not against you. 

How are wide-calf socks different from compression socks?

There’s a lot of overlap between wide-calf socks and compression socks in terms of comfort, but it’s all about materials: our wide-calf socks boast a new, superior fiber that allows for more cross stretch. They’re softer, too, so you get that light, buttery feeling when you slip them on. As far as stretch goes? It’s comparable. Your calves will feel supported with zero restriction, so you’re free to move with ease! 

Fun Style, Fab Fit

If you’re worried that investing in wide-calf socks will doom you to a boring sock rut, you can set your mind at ease. Fans of stylish colors and playful patterns can still pull off their fave looks with wide-calf socks. Crazy Compression's chic designs mean that you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort no matter where the day—or night—takes you. Your inner fashionista will have a blast picking out fun patterns and colors, rocking socks that are as versatile as you are!

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