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Compression socks may feel more like function than fashion, but it doesn't need to be that way. Whether you use compression socks during work, runs, hikes, long plane rides, or road trips, you can easily make them a cute accessory to your wardrobe.
If you're wondering how it is possible to style compression socks for everyday wear, we'll give you some tips on how to do so for nearly any occasion.

Summer Styles

With the summer heat soaring, it can be tempting to set aside our compression socks until the colder weather returns. Most people probably associate compression socks with being hot and uncomfortable. Luckily, innovative weaving and breathable materials allow us to provide compression socks that help keep your feet cool and comfy.

Why wear them in the summer?

Summer heat can potentially worsen vein and leg swelling. When we get hot, our veins expand as a natural cooling remedy to allow more blood to flow to the surface of our skin. As veins expand, an overheated body has trouble bringing all the blood from our extremities back to the heart. As a result, fluid can pool in our lower legs and feet, causing water retention and swelling. Wearing compression socks in summer helps circulation and blood flow, as the pressure helps your body to pump the blood back to your heart, reducing fluid buildup and swelling.
Here are a few easy styling tips to get you started for summer:
  • Go for the bold, lively colors. Color clashing on purpose can look amazing, and summer is all about bright sunshine and bold shades.
  • Opposites attract: wearing a monochrome (all one color) outfit? Add a little razzle-dazzle with boldly patterned compression socks.
  • Does your workplace have a dress code? Think about going for neutral colors, beige, white, or black, or picking a more subtle shade that matches the tone of your work clothes.
Don't be afraid to wear your compression socks in summer. They can be fun, preppy, sporty, relaxed, or subtle, helping your legs and feet feel energized.

Winter Styles

If you trudge through a lot of snow during winter and wear winter boots, you can get away with choosing to wear any style or color of compression sock. If you don't experience a snowy winter, they can still look fantastic under the hem of your jeans if wearing them with low-cut boots or sneakers.
Do you love wearing a cozy winter dress or winter skirt? Feel free to choose a pair with winter vibes, seasonal colors, or a tone that matches your skirt and wear them over your tights for extra warmth. Most opaque styles are also perfect for winter and inside ski and snow boots.
  • Pair your favorite leggings with your favorite compression socks over them with a heavy boot for a casual, edgy, and chic look.
  • A fall-inspired dress with a pair of knee-length compression socks in complementary colors, a gorgeous jacket, and a matching beret will give you a fun, flirty boho look.
  • Pair your favorite sweater dress with matching or contrasting compression socks.
  • Compression socks look great with a couple of inches pocking out over the top of boots—whether you opt for chunky biker boots, riding boots, or boots with heels.
  • Knee-high socks have become ultra-trendy for winter, and our compression socks come in so many styles and colors that they seamlessly pair with winter's hottest new fashions.

Why wear compression socks in winter?

While some of us experience chronically cold feet, others live in climates where winter temperatures drop so low that walking outside in freezing temperatures becomes challenging. When we are cold, especially our feet, keeping the rest of our bodies warm becomes difficult as our circulation slows down. Slowed circulation affects the parts of the body furthest away from the heart, such as your lower legs, feet, arms, lower arms, and hands. Also, when cold, your blood vessels begin to narrow, reducing blood flow near the body's surface, which can lead to frostbite.
Wearing compression socks in any season helps regulate body temperature. In winter, they will be able to warm your feet and legs with increased circulation and better blood flow to your feet and legs, generating warmth.

Neutrals for Subtlety and Balance

If you don't want you or your outfit to stand out and be more balanced, sticking to neutral colors is the way to go. Colors like black, navy, brown, grey, white, and beige are neutral because they don't clash with anything. When wearing neutral compression socks, ensure they are paired with neutral footwear.

Compression Sock Styles for Men

Men can wear and still look stylish with compression socks.

Casual Style Ideas

  • Casual shoes, shorts, and pants are all compatible with compression socks, and many casual shoes can also pair with more dressy compression socks that can help turn a laid-back look into business casual appropriate for the office. Think neutrals like black, grey, navy, white, or beige. Wearing compression socks with shorts in the summer is actually very common, and you can quickly look great by pairing a simple t-shirt, long-sleeve, or dress shirt with Bermuda, cargo, gym, board, or denim shorts.
  • Dress shoes and dress pants should always be worn with neutral dress-like compression socks. Knee-length compression socks are the perfect length to wear under dress pants or slacks, as they create a clean, smooth look from foot to knee. Also, if your slacks ride up slightly when you sit, compression socks won't show any skin. Most business formal or formal settings find wearing socks so short that skin shows inappropriate attire.
However, the best thing about casual fashion and personal style is that there are always general guidelines to pulling an outfit together—but in the end, what makes a style fashionable is how you wear it. It's all about expressing yourself and your personality. Of course, in a work setting, it's essential to know and follow the dress guidelines, but when it comes to lounging around the house with a friend, going out for date night, or running to the store—it's all about what makes you feel good. You'll look good if you feel good wearing a particular compression sock and outfit.
How will you style our compression socks this season? Follow and tag us on Instagram. We would love to see what you come up with!

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