Why Use Compression Socks for Swelling in Your Legs?

compression socks for swelling

Swelling in your legs and feet can be uncomfortable, distracting, and painful, so it’s no wonder you’re on the hunt for a solution. Swollen legs are also extremely common, and whether you’re a frequent flier, spend long shifts on your feet, or are dealing with health issues affecting circulation, you may find relief in wearing compression socks for swelling.

If you’re looking to get a handle on that uncomfortable puffiness, Crazy Compression is here to help! Our socks are all designed with comfort, support, and style in mind, and they’re one of the simplest (and most fun!) ways to support your health and look good doing it. Follow us as we take a deep dive into why you should wear compression socks for swelling in your legs and feet.

Why Do Legs Swell?

Before we examine how compression socks can help with swelling, it’s important to understand why your legs may swell in the first place. In general, swelling in the extremities is caused by a buildup of fluids from either the circulatory or lymphatic systems. While it can be a symptom of more serious health problems, it’s also an everyday occurrence that can also be impacted by lifestyle factors such as inactivity, standing for long periods, or even wearing restrictive clothing.

Here are some of the top culprits when it comes to swollen, achy legs:

Long-Haul Flights

Whether you’re a passenger or crew, long-haul flights are often associated with puffy feet and bad circulation. Long periods of sitting combined with changing cabin pressure can lead to swelling, as well as an increased risk of developing deep-vein thrombosis or blood clots. 

Long Shifts 

People who spend hours on their feet such as nurses and service industry or production workers may deal with swelling and leg pain as their shifts wear on. The circulatory system can struggle to effectively pump blood back up from the feet when fatigued, leading to swelling, discomfort, and varicose veins.

Injury or Illness

There are many medical situations that can lead to chronic swelling and puffiness. Conditions like lymphedema, diabetes, or high blood pressure can all lead to a buildup of fluids in the legs, causing either acute or chronic swelling. 


During pregnancy the body holds on to more water, which can then pool in the legs causing swelling of the ankles and feet. Note that gradual swelling is normal, but sudden or extreme changes should be checked out by a doctor.

Wheelchair Use

Ironically, long stretches spent sitting in a wheelchair can actually be very hard on your legs. The lack of movement in your lower extremities can cause the muscles and blood vessels to atrophy, which in turn reduces their ability to move fluids around. Whether your wheelchair use is permanent or temporary, it’s important to support your circulatory health when your mobility is limited. 

The Benefits of Compression Socks for Swelling

Fortunately, whether the issues you’re experiencing are from health or lifestyle causes, compression socks can be your best ally in the fight! Compression socks are constructed with graduated compression, meaning that they are firmer at the feet and gradually become less firm toward the knee. The consistent pressure they apply reduces the space available for fluids to pool and supports your natural systems to combat the effects of gravity. 

As well as helping to mitigate uncomfortable swelling in the legs, compression socks provide additional benefits like:

  • Boosting oxygen levels in the legs and feet.
  • Preventing varicose veins and spider veins.
  • Speeding up recovery and reducing muscle soreness after exercise.
  • Prevent dizziness from a drop in blood pressure when you stand up.
  • Protecting against blood clots after sitting or standing for a long time.

Our Top Picks for Compression Socks

If you’re ready to start wearing compression socks for swelling, here are some of our favorites. Remember: the key to getting the most benefits from your compression socks is to put them on first thing in the morning before your legs have had a chance to swell. But with these great designs, you won’t be able to wait to get them over your tootsies and start sharing your style!

Modern Blue Socks

Stay comfortable in the 360 Never Quit Blue compression socks from Crazy Compression. With True graduated compression from the ankle up to the knee, this stylish footwear will support circulation and reduce swelling all day long. No matter what you need support for, these vibrant socks will be both a healthy staple and a bold statement.

Festive Footwear

To embrace the holiday season while preventing swelling, our Crazy Compression 360 Festive Needlepoint socks are a great choice. With a timeless Christmas pattern, these compression socks are perfect for any long flight or overnight shift during the festive season.

Wide-Fit Socks

If you’ve had trouble finding compression socks for swelling that fit properly, then our Crazy Compression wide-fit range may be for you. These Black Solid Extra-Wide Calf socks are a classic for any wardrobe, and make the benefits of compression socks available for any size.

Try Compression Socks for Swelling for Yourself!

Dealing with swollen legs, feet, and ankles can be incredibly frustrating, and it gets in the way of your day-to-day life. The good news is that compression socks are a simple, effective way to mitigate swelling, keeping your feet and legs feeling comfortable and fresh.

Crazy Compression socks for swelling are a favorite thanks to their true graduated compression, quality materials, and fun designs. There’s a pair for every person and every day, so check out our collection of fun and stylish socks for yourself and start reaping the benefits of compression socks for swelling. 

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