4 Health Benefits of Compression Socks

Health benefits of compression socks

Compression socks are quickly finding their way out from the back of the drawer and into the mainstream as more and more people embrace the health benefits of compression for everyday life.

Once considered a stocking for patients with poor circulation or circulation-related medical issues, even people with no ongoing issues are fed up with the aches and pains of sore legs on flights and hours in an office chair staring at a screen. 

With so much talk going on around compression socks and sleeves—from doctors to athletes to billionaire CEOs—it’s no surprise that they can offer a wide range of casual and critical benefits to wearers of all shapes and sizes. They’re remarkably effective for recovery and preventative healthcare, as well as relief from painful and serious medical conditions like deep vein thrombosis and thromboembolism. 

Whether you’re in need of some serious support or just wanting to give your legs a little TLC when you’re on the go, there are a host of reasons you should consider embracing the health benefits of compression socks. Here’s the four that top our list:

1. Boost Your Circulation

Of all the health benefits of compression socks, improved circulation is the most important. There are many different medical conditions that benefit from the circulatory support offered by true graduated compression through the legs and feet. Here are just a few of the circulatory issues that compression socks can help alleviate or prevent:

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are both unsightly and uncomfortable, and they appear when blood pools in the valves in your leg veins that are responsible for helping blood travel back to your heart. There are a lot of circulatory factors that can contribute to their formation, such as pregnancy, prolonged inactivity, smoking, obesity, and older age, and an excellent pair of compression socks is the first line of defense for helping to keep blood flowing smoothly through your legs. 

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

This condition is also caused by poor circulation, but unlike varicose veins which are largely aesthetic, DVT can lead to extremely dangerous complications. The veins in your legs have to fight gravity to move blood back to your heart, and when they weaken and circulation slows, the blood that begins to pool in your legs can allow blood clots to form. 

This can cause significant pain and swelling in the legs and thighs, but if those blood clots come loose and make their way to your heart, they can cause a fatal pulmonary embolism! While many of the health benefits of compression socks are about comfort and confidence, in the case of DVT, they can be a literal lifesaver. 

Prevention and Treatment of Leg Ulcers 

Your blood is responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrients to areas of your body that need to heal, and your lower extremities are the farthest areas from your core where blood’s health-improving qualities are enriched.

People who are elderly, have high blood pressure, or suffer from diabetes often experience chronic poor circulation that can lead to ulcers, and regularly wearing compression socks helps prevent their formation and reduce the severity and recovery time when they appear. 

2. Prevent Everyday Swelling from Immobility

Some of the health benefits of compression socks are more about your comfort than they are about avoiding serious medical issues, and that’s where people with generally good circulation can benefit from a well-designed pair. If you have a job that demands either sitting or standing for long periods of time, you’ve probably come home with aching, swollen legs.

That’s not just because you’re tired—human beings are designed to move around and change positions frequently during the day, and if you’re stuck in one position your legs will struggle to keep vital fluids moving. Compression socks give your legs and ankles a gentle squeeze to keep things moving, and can prevent the swelling, stiffness, and pain caused by prolonged periods of immobility. 

3. Improve Lymphatic Drainage

Your veins and arteries aren’t the only structures that can get a boost from a little true graduated compression. The lymphatic system is the primary way your body treats infection and moves white blood cells and regulates its body fluids. Like your circulatory system, it has many channels and ducts throughout your body, and when they become weakened or damaged you may experience pain and swelling. 

Compression socks can give anyone some extra lymphatic support, but they can also prevent more serious issues. Lymphedema occurs when these channels become blocked, and it can cause tightness, joint pain, restricted motion, skin redness and sensitivity, and fibrosis. Lymphatic support is one of the key health benefits of compression socks and sleeves, and can prevent genetic and lifestyle issues from turning into chronic problems. 

4. Better Mental Health

Yes! Compression socks have a reputation for being pasty, boring medical devices that can bum you out and cramp your style. But they don’t have to be—Crazy Compression offers a wide range of funky and fashionable compression socks that will brighten your day and allow you to express yourself while enjoying all the benefits they deliver.

Whether you’re wearing a psychedelic pair of 360 Digital-Tye-Dye socks on a jog or waiting to catch a plane sporting the scooter-riding 360 Aqua Cute Sloths, you’ll have an extra spring in your step and put a smile on the face of the people around you. 

Give Yourself a Boost with Crazy Compression

Millions of people are discovering the health benefits of compression socks, whether it’s for serious medical conditions or just avoiding the swelling and pain that long shifts on your feet can cause. At Crazy Compression, we believe everyone is entitled to excellent circulatory support without having to submit to drab design.

Whether you’re looking for a standard pair or wide-calf sizes, all our socks feature 15-20mmHg true graduated compression, Stay Cool Technology, and a seamless toe, and a wide range of fun styles and designs that guarantee you’ll be excited to show off your decision to put your health and comfort first. 

Give yourself a healthy gift, and start exploring our collection of compression socks and sleeves today.   

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