Where to Find Compression Socks Plus Size

Compression socks plus size

Compression socks can help with many different health issues, ranging from deep vein thrombosis (DVT) to poor circulation to uncomfortable swelling on long flights. A well-fitting pair that is perfectly tailored for your legs with true graduated compression can be the difference between constant aches and pains and being ready to get out and hit the dance floor any time life comes calling. 

However, finding a comfortable fit can be challenging, especially if your calves, ankles, and feet don’t match the factory-standard sizes most companies seem to think make up the “average person”. The truth is, compression socks that don’t fit properly can do more harm than good, and wearing any clothing designed for someone who isn’t you can be a painful investment. Compression garments in particular have to be carefully constructed to regulate and vary compression while providing a comfortable and flexible fit that provides hours upon hours of support. 

If you have wider calves or plus size legs, you’ve probably been tearing your hair out looking for excellent compression socks that are built for you. Well, guess what? You don’t have to compromise on fit, function, or fashion any more! We’re going to tell you exactly where to find the perfect compression socks (plus size, wide calf, extra wide calf, and more) for your unique shape and size that deliver excellent results and some fashionable flair to boot. 

Why Well-Fitted Compression Socks Matter

You’re probably noticed that there are a lot of generic cotton tubes out there that usually have nothing in common with anyone’s foot other than being S, M, L, or XL—whatever that means. There are about 16 billion feet in the world today, and most of them spend their day inside socks of one kind or another. Creating that footwear means extreme high-volume factory processes that simply aren’t going to be able to account for anyone’s individual body type. 

When it comes to everyday disposable athletic socks, that’s actually perfectly fine for the vast majority of people, but compression socks are an entirely different story. Compression socks are part medical device and part sweat-wicking padding for everyday comfort, and that means they need to deliver all the benefits of the generic socks you wear every day while enhancing support and circulation through your feet and ankles. 

That’s no easy task, and getting it right means using high-quality materials and calculated engineering to create true graduated compression from knee to toe for exactly the leg that the wearer has—not the imaginary one most factories are designing for. 

The Function/Fashion Dilemma

The biggest challenge with finding compression socks that are a great fit for your form and your fashion sense is that most brands deliver only one or the other. Which one you’ll encounter depends on where you’re looking, and both will leave you wanting (and deserving!) more. 

Medical Supply Socks—The Boring Solution

Compression socks were originally developed in the 1950s as medical garments for poor circulation, and there are still many, many producers that view them as purely practical footwear. They provide excellent compression, but they come in pasty, depressing colors that kill your soul even though they put a little spring in your step.

You’ve probably seen a million pairs of these compression socks—plus size and wide calf styles in particular—and it’s what you get shopping at medical supply stores, Walgreens (if they even carry them), and dusty corners of big-box retail chains behind all the “standard” sizes. 

Hip Designs—But Not For Your Legs…

On the other hand, there are a number of companies who produce compression socks that are fairly fashion forward. However, in most cases the uptick in stylish design comes at a cost in terms of manufacturing, quality design, and most importantly, excellent circulatory support. Compression socks—plus size or otherwise—can actually do some damage to your legs if they don’t fit properly or are too tight in the wrong places, and it’s not a manufacturing task to be taken lightly. 

Where to Find Compression Socks: Plus Size, Wide Calf and Extra Wide Calf

So, if you have larger legs or stalkier stems, where can you go to get comfort and style? Well, that’s exactly what we were asking ourselves when we started Crazy Compression. We were sick and tired of compression socks being either boring or ineffective, and we decided it was time to kick open the door to a new era of fun and function for everyone who wants a little circulatory support, no matter what size or shape your leg may be. 

All our socks are designed first and foremost with your circulation in mind, especially for plus size and wide calf wearers. They deliver true graduated compression of 15-20mmHg, have a seamless toe for all-day comfort, and utilize our Stay Cool Technology to ensure your feet stay comfortable and dry. Plus, they come in a range of colors, styles, and designs that will match any personality, and give everyone around you a boost with their funky and vivacious expression. 

Whether you’re channeling your inner mermaid with our 360 Mermaid Teal Extra-Wide Calf, or exploring the stars on our 360 Web of Nite, you’ll always be making a statement while enjoying the benefits of perfect true graduated compression socks—plus size, extra small, or anywhere in between. 

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