Fitsok SR8 Mid-Weight Tab (Gray & Black)

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Size:Large (shoe size 9-11)
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The SR8 Gray and Black Mid-Weight Tab Running Socks are packed with amazing features, making them our most advanced socks yet! Featuring a seamless toe, moisture-wicking fabrics, a half-cushion bottom, Y-heel, and Y-toe stitching, and a Stay Up Tab in the back, you won’t find a better fit, function, or amount of technology in any other pair of socks. We put everything we had into these bad boys!

While it’s true that the SR8 Gray and Black Mid-Weight Tab Running Socks can improve your workout performance in multiple ways, they’re also engineered to make your foot more comfortable. For example, if you’ve ever been in the middle of a run and felt the fabric of your sock bunching around your toes, you’ll appreciate the seamless toes that these socks feature. Seams in the toes aren’t the only things that cause the material of your sock to slide around, though: wet fabric, caused by sweaty feet, can force you to stop when it’s most inconvenient in order to readjust your sock and shoe. That’s where the moisture-wicking materials come in handy: the fabric in our SR8 Gray and Black Mid-Weight Tab Running Socks wicks moisture away from the foot, keeping you cool, dry, and sliding-sock free. Want an extra layer of protection? We’ve included a Stay Up Tab that rests just above the back of your shoe to act as an anchor to keep your socks from moving.

Now that you know how the SR8 Gray and Black Mid-Weight Tab Running Socks keep you focused on your runs, let’s talk about how they protect your feet. Utilizing a half-cushion on the bottom of the sock, and support the most vulnerable parts of your feet, which is important because the shoes you wear can only do so much!

Made of 90% Polyester, 8% Nylon, 2% Spandex


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