Compression Socks

Compression Socks and Prevention 

Compression Socks and Prevention 

When you think of compression socks, do great grandma’s medical stockings come to mind? We get it. Compression often brings to mind the treatment of aging legs, varicose veins, swelling, chronic illness, and medical necessity. But what if we told you compression socks aren’t just for grandma? Wearing compression socks may help prevent injury while coming a long way in fashion. 

Who Can Benefit?

So, who can benefit from compression socks? Honestly, just about anyone. 

Runners swear by them. Whether you run marathons, around the block, or at a brisk pace on the treadmill, compression socks can help decrease recovery time and may prevent injuries. Athletes who wear compression socks have been reported to perform better than those who do not. The socks aren’t just for the run; they can be worn for post-run recovery as well. 

Nurses love them. Compression socks offer the comfort of support during long shifts on their feet. Adding these socks to your wardrobe can help reduce inflammation while preventing varicose veins that are caused by working double shifts and running to meet the demands of patients and doctors. 

Travelers rely on them. Traveling, especially by air, can do a number on your circulation. That’s why travelers turn to the comfort of compression stockings to give their cardiovascular health that extra boost and prevent painful pooling around the ankles. 

Did we mention they also make great birthday and holiday presents for, well, just about anyone with ankles?

Prevention Matters

Our feet, ankles, and legs take a beating. Whether you sit or stand all day. Whether you are active or sedentary, the vascular system is working against gravity to get your blood flowing back to your heart. Graduated compression socks help keep the blood moving in the right direction, preventing it from pooling. That pooling leads to swelling and pain, both of which may be prevented with compression socks.

Poor circulation and the pooling of blood in your lower extremities can lead to additional problems (edema, varicose and spider veins, and blood clots to name a few). That tiny graduated squeeze from crazy compression is just the little extra help you need to get the blood flowing.  

Fashion Matters

While there is no shame in dressing for comfort and prevention there is also no need to skip the fashion. Crazy Compression Socks are designed to stand out but in a good way! Make a statement with our holiday collections, check out some of our best sellers, or design your very own pair (email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 828-514-0961 for more information on custom designs). 

We want your legs to continue to support you in the most comfortable and fashionable ways possible! If you aren’t happy with your purchase, find they don’t fit correctly, or if they develop a hole or a defect, we will happily send you a replacement. Here’s the details on our lifetime guarantee

You don’t have to put up with painful ankles and feet. You can take measures in your own hands, or should we say feet, to take care of yourself. After all, if you don’t take care of you, who will?  

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