Relieving Nerve Pain with Compression Socks

Relieving Nerve Pain with Compression Socks

If you’ve been experiencing a significant amount of burning pain in your arms, legs, hands, or feet, or you’ve been formally diagnosed with some level of peripheral neuropathy, then you know that the painful symptoms can be stressful to deal with. Living with nerve pain can be a daily struggle, but you’re not alone. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke has reported that more than 20 million people in the United States suffer peripheral neuropathy to some degree. Many individuals with peripheral neuropathy opt to wear compression socks to ease the burden of the affliction. If you’ve wanted to learn more about peripheral neuropathy and research how compression socks can help you or a loved one, we have the resources for you.

What is Peripheral Neuropathy?
Your body receives information from your brain and spinal cord (the central nervous system) through your peripheral nervous system. Additionally, the central nervous system receives sensory data from the peripheral nerves. When your peripheral nerves are damaged, what results is peripheral neuropathy. While many conditions have the potential to cause peripheral neuropathy, the most common cause is diabetes. While those afflicted most commonly report symptoms as burning or stabbing pain, other symptoms include:
• Weakness in muscles
• Extreme touch sensitivity
• Increased feeling of numbness in feet, hands, legs, or arms
• Lack of coordination
• Experiencing pain in everyday activities
• Varying degrees of motor nerve paralysis

Causes and Risks of Peripheral Neuropathy
As stated earlier, the most common cause of peripheral neuropathy is diabetes. Other causes include autoimmune diseases, inherited disorders, tumors, and infections, among many others. Vitamin deficiencies, certain medications, exposure to toxic chemicals, and excessive intake of alcohol have also been reported to have caused some level of peripheral neuropathy. Those afflicted run higher risks of falling, contracting infections and losing feeling in extreme hot or cold temperatures. Thankfully, there are garments that exist that can ease the symptoms and reduce the risks of peripheral neuropathy.

How Can Compression Socks Help?
Compression socks are tight-fitting garments built to provide pressure for your legs and feet. Their major function is to increase blood flow to the lower limbs, which helps your foot muscles to relax and allows you to endure prolonged periods of standing and sitting. These socks increase healthy blood flow and reduce swelling in your feet and legs. There are numerous benefits that compression socks can provide you, including:
1. Increased Blood Circulation
Compression socks are a helpful piece of clothing designed to target peripheral neuropathy-related blood circulation issues. These socks can prevent the formation of blood clots in your lower limbs and reduce swelling in your feet, ankles, and legs.
2. Improve Balance and Stability
Decreased stability and balance ability concerns are directly linked to peripheral neuropathy. Wearing compression socks can assist those with the affliction by helping them to avoid falls and accidents and be more independent with their mobility. Studies on the impact of wearing compression socks on balance have shown promising improvements in those with reduced capacity to perceive the position of their joints, such as the elderly and athletes.
3. Protection from Other Issues and Symptoms
People with ulcers, eczema and varicose veins have been shown to benefit from compression socks as they prevent the gangrene that is usually associated with these ailments. Furthermore, the knee-length height and advanced padding that comfort your feet and legs and protect against any cuts that have the potential to get infected. Peripheral neuropathy patients have reported that the “tingly feeling” of their condition is tremendously relieved thanks to the benefits of compression socks.

When searching for the right compression sock for peripheral neuropathy, keep on the lookout for comfortable socks that fit snugly, match the compression levels necessary for your medical needs, and are made with materials that can reduce exposure to germs and bacteria that can cause gangrene. If you’re tired of dealing with constant pain due to peripheral neuropathy, keep in mind that relief is just around the corner. Compression socks can comfort those with nerve pain by providing support systems for sensitive areas of the leg and foot.

Our goal at Crazy Compression is to help you with any kind of nerve pain with our cutting-edge compression sock technology and devout determination to help you relieve pesky, everyday pain. Our socks will get you back up and on your feet, wherever you need to go. Please contact us whenever you have any inquiries regarding our enormous selection of compression socks. We are always willing to assist you in finding the perfect compression garment for your needs.

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