Four Reasons Nurses Need to Wear Compression Socks

It’s no secret that nurses save lives. They spend all day and all night on long shifts, staying on their feet for hours on end. But sometimes, they’re so busy taking care of other people that they don’t remember to take care of themselves.

Nurses need to take care of their legs. During these trying times, when more is expected out of healthcare workers than ever, compression socks can help reduce fatigue, swelling, and varicose veins, aid in muscle recovery, and bring a smile to a weary face. Here are four reasons that you should wear compression socks if you’re a nurse, or consider buying the nurse in your life their first pair of compression socks.

1. Compression socks reduce leg swelling and fatigue, allowing nurses to stay focused and alert.

Nurses work 8, 10, 12, and sometimes 16-hour shifts, which means those nurses are on their feet longer than not. Because of that, many nurses experience heaviness and fatigue in their legs, which is also tied in with swelling. Swelling happens when blood and/or lymphatic fluid pools in the legs simply because of gravity: when you’re standing, your legs are below your heart, and even though your body naturally circulates blood throughout your whole body, if your legs are beneath you all day, blood is bound to accumulate in your legs. Here’s how compression socks help.

Compression socks apply pressure to the wearer’s feet and ankles to keep the blood flowing back from the legs to the heart. That extra boost in blood flow counteracts the pooling in the legs, which then reduces swelling and fatigue. A nurse’s job is hard enough without their legs causing them to feel even more exhausted; having a pair of compression socks ready to wear for every shift will help them stay alert and energetic, which will help them perform their job better.

2. Compression socks help reduce and prevent the appearance of varicose veins.

There are a lot of different risk factors that can contribute to the development of varicose veins. Being on your feet for too long or sitting for too long doesn’t allow for proper blood circulation, creating pressure in the legs and making varicose veins worse. Many people who develop varicose veins feel self-conscious of their appearance, but varicose veins can also be quite painful, especially for nurses who spend most of their days on their feet.

As mentioned above, the pressure that compression socks provide in the feet and ankles helps prevent fluid buildup within the legs. When there isn’t fluid buildup in the legs, there isn’t pressure against the varicose veins. The way compression socks relieve swelling and fatigue is very similar to how it reduces and prevents varicose veins because the symptoms are so intertwined.

3. Compression socks help muscles recover, which is especially important for nurses who work 12-hour shifts three days in a row.

Compression socks provide a lot of relief for nurses during their shifts, but the benefits they offer outside of the workplace are just as important. Whether you’ve been standing for 12 hours or working out for 2, your muscles need time to recover. Nurses and athletes alike can benefit from compression socks, which help the muscles recover quickly by keeping the blood flowing.

Athletes can take a few days off to recover every week, but not many nurses can do the same in the face of a global pandemic. That’s why a quick recovery is necessary: nurses can’t move as quickly or focus on their patients if their leg muscles are screaming at them to rest. Wear compression socks to improve blood circulation so that your muscles can receive the care they need and recover appropriately.

4. Compression socks come in a lot of fun colors and patterns, which will bring a smile to the wearer’s face and brighten everyone’s day.

A nurse might not have much choice in the scrubs they have to wear–oftentimes, doctor’s offices and hospitals will make nurses wear a certain color or selection of colors. One way to add a little freedom and self-expression into your work outfit is to choose compression socks that are fun, colorful, and unique!

A nurse’s socks don’t have to just brighten his or her day, though; they can also brighten the days of their patients and colleagues, making people smile even during a global pandemic when everything seems so “doom and gloom.” Even without all the other benefits that compression socks have to offer–and there are a lot–the animal, superhero, and vintage-inspired patterns are enough to lift spirits.

If you’re a nurse, it’s time to treat AND protect yourself with a pair of compression socks. If you’re looking for a gift for a real-life superhero in your life, you’ve come to the right place. Give the gift of a smile and happy feet/legs by giving your nurse a pair (or three) of compression socks today!


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