How To Pamper Your Feet

How To Pamper Your Feet

Feet -- those two things at the end of our legs that hold us up, keep us moving, take all the pounding -- considering the work they do it is easy to understand why they tend to feel sore, get swollen, or suffer from injury. This is especially true if you are an athlete or if your job requires a lot of standing. 

Now, with all of this abuse, treatments and pedicures are definitely a good idea. But, sadly, this is a luxury most of us only splurge on occasionally. So, in an effort to help you pamper your feet and keep them in top shape, we put together a list of things you should do daily (or weekly) to ensure your feet always feel revitalized and refreshed. 

Must-Do Foot Care 

1: Soak - Oh the power of water! After a long day or crazy hard workout, putting your feet in warm water can help soothe the skin and encourage blood flow. Enhance the experience by adding a touch of Epsom salt, an essential oil, or regular soap. Say yes to foot restoration with a good long soak! 

2: Massage - Touch your feet and touch them some more. Massage has the power to work out lactic acid, aches, and pains. The more your rub, the better they’ll feel. Make it even more relaxing by using your favorite moisturizer or body oil. 

3: Trim - From calluses to nails, foot maintenance starts with trimming. Be sure to clip your nails once a week, be careful of length, and cut to avoid ingrown issues. On top of that, use a file to smooth out rough spots. Trust us on this, your feet will thank you. 

4: Rest - Ever heard of restorative yoga or just simply putting your feet up? The simple act of putting your feet above your heart can actually help drain them, reducing swelling. So, if you ever have a second, throw those feet up and let them relax. 

5: Stretch - Something you can do while resting, being sure to stretch out the tendons and muscles in your feet is incredibly important. Move them around, do circles, wiggle your toes. This could help workout issues like plantar fasciitis as well as lead to your feet functioning better.  

6: Protect - A very important step to consider, this tip is far too often overlooked. As a multi-level solution, protection can be anything from wearing band-aids to stop blisters or choosing the right shoes for your activity. For example, wear closed-toe shoes when moving around. Don’t wear heels or sandals too often. Essentially, be considerate of what your feet need. 

7: Support - The truth is, just like other parts of your body need a little extra lift, so do your feet. Consider wearing arch supports or look into compression socks. These simple additions to your wardrobe have the power to make a world of difference. 

Let’s Join Forces To Ensure Your Feet Are Living Their Best Life 

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