Top Apps for Fitness or Running at Any Levels

Top Apps for Fitness or Running at Any Levels

No matter what fitness level you may be at, beginner, runner, or the type of fitness you enjoy, there is an app for that! Technology has become a valued part of our lives, especially our phones. These tiny devices have become a life-saver, taking over landline phones, giving us accurate directions, helping us track our busy lives, monitoring goals, and so much more. It makes sense that so many apps are available now to help track your health and physical wellness.

But when searching for one, you might notice—there's a lot! It can quickly get overwhelming. Which ones are the best to get you running? Which are the best paid and the best free apps? Which are best for other fitness areas like yoga, weightlifting, or cycling?

Top Free Fitness Apps


For those who love to lift and are looking for an app with unlimited workouts and three custom routines, the free version of Strong might be ideal. Available for iOS and Android, this is a no-frills, simplified, and easy-to-use app that makes handling exercise organization a breeze allowing you to focus on the important stuff: your fitness. Strong also takes the guesswork out of your training while helping you stay motivated and accountable.

Nike Training Club

More than just a worldwide recognized brand name, Nike Training Club is a free app for Android and iOS with much to offer. While some free apps might leave much to be desired, Nike has done an incredible job to ensure that they've created a fitness app for everybody, every fitness level, and almost every type of fitness. Nike Training Club offers assistance with fitness habits, goal-setting tools, daily new content, Holistic training guides, workout guides, nutrition suggestions, advice on mindset, movement, recovery, sleep, and so much more.


The free version of myfitnesspal is excellent in providing more than enough functionality for almost all users. The longer you use it, the easier and quicker it becomes to use, thanks to built-in customizations, and it can be connected to many other fitness wearables and other fitness apps. You can log and track your food, weight, goals, and most mundane or ordinary exercises.

For those of you looking for carb tracking, quick add, barcode scanning, macro tracking, and more in-depth tracking, you'll want to look at its premium features.

Top Paid Fitness Apps

Peloton App

The Peloton App offers 30 days free, with a subscription of $12.99 a month after. You may think that the Pelaton app is just for those with the brand's bike or treadmill, but you do not need to own or use either to take advantage of a large variety of class options—both live and on demand. Running, spinning, yoga, barre, HIIT, strength training, stretching, and more. Peloton offers varied workout categories, duration of classes, and motivational trainers and comes with a great sense of community.


For those who weightlift, Jefit may be the right app for you. Jefit comes with a free 14-day trial, offers an Elite membership of $12.99 monthly or 69.99 per year, and works on iOS and Android. Jefit allows you to train and seamlessly log every workout, whether you hit the gym or lift at home. Track workout time, amount of weight, set target muscle groups, and body measurements. Jefit also provides workout plans designed by experts and fellow Jefit members.

Top Free Running Apps


Runkeeper is a well-designed, easy-to-use app that is made for runners of all types and levels. The app comes with a clear, easy-to-read on-the-run screen, is highly customizable, created to help with motivation and goals, and has excellent integration abilities with many fitness wearables and other fitness apps.

However, if you subscribe, advanced metrics, personalized training, and live run tracking become available.

Nike Run Club

With Nike Run Club, everything you need to get back into running or start learning how to run is at your fingertips. Nike Run Club is 100% free and straightforward to use. Training plans, run tracking, social leaderboards, and guided runs. Perhaps one of the best features of Nike Run Club is their guided runs, which function like a podcast with a narrator that can walk you through your run session. Nike shines here with guides that can teach you about how to ease into mindful runs, challenge yourself with intense interval training, or teach you how to run in hot weather. Nike Run Club can even teach you training plans to coach up to half marathon distances.

Nike Run Club is available on iOS and Android

Top Paid Running Apps


With a 30-day free trial and a $6.67 monthly subscription after 30 days, Strava has much to offer runners, with room for cyclists and swimmers alike. Available on iOS and Android, Strava helps you plan or discover new routes, challenge yourself, and accelerate your training. Strava also offers a training dashboard with advanced performance metrics, custom goals, personal heat maps, and more.


For $15.99 a month, the Runna app is perfect for gearing up for a race or if you're looking for a personalized running plan without the costs of a one-on-one coach. Runna is available for iOS and Android and was created by certified running coaches Ben Parker and Steph Davies. Runna offers a very easy-to-use interface with a detailed breakdown of training in easy-to-understand sessions. Runna also syncs with Garmin, Coros, and Apple Watches. Runna also has a private community where thousands of runners from around the world share their runs and recommendations on the best running shoes, discussion of goals, and support one another.

Training plans offer something for runners of all capabilities and even come with playlists suited to each run. If you're only looking for an app that tracks day-to-day runs, however, you may wish to try another, as the premise of Runna is built around following a plan.

Which One is Right For You?

We encourage you to take advantage of the free and paid apps with free trails, as no single body or runner is the same. The best way to choose a fitness or running app for you is one that works with your goals, fitness levels, and needs.

Downloading and finding the right app for you is a significant first step to getting you up and running, but always remember to stretch, wear comfortable clothes and supportive running shoes and make sure to listen to your body as you go.

We hope we've been able to spark motivation and inspiration and that you find the perfect fitness or running app for you!

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