Running Podcasts to Keep You Going

Woman Running Music Podcast - Compression Socks

Where do you find the motivation day after day to keep running? For some, it’s running groups; for others, it’s well-defined goals broken down into smaller tasks; and for still others, it’s the runners’ high that comes with each workout. But some of us need a few more voices in our head, encouraging us forward. Thank goodness for podcasters.

Running podcasts are a great way to stay motivated, educated, and entertained. Some have great tips and advice, while others will simply keep you laughing along your run. In addition to making sure you have the perfect running gear (like Crazy Compression socks), having the right tunes or podcasts will keep you running longer and more consistently.

Here are a few sure to entertain and inspire you on your running journey.

How Was Your Run Today? 

The tag line “you burn more calories laughing while running” tells you pretty much everything you need to know about this podcast and what to expect. They discuss weird things they see on the path, interview runners, and share their own running updates. It’s full of dad jokes and fun. What isn’t there to love about it?

Run, Selfie, Repeat 

This is the perfect podcast for short runs, 15 to 20 minutes each. They are short weekly pep talks filled with motivation and laughter. There are guided runs and lots of talk about life in general. If you are looking for a kick in the butt to get off the couch and start running, this is the podcast for you.

The Rambling Runner 

The Rambling Runner highlights dedicated and motivated amateur runners, sharing their stories, goals, and results. The show discusses running industry news, performance nutrition, and more.

Running Commentary 

If you are looking for some running partners, Running Commentary is the perfect one to take with you. About an hour-long, these two comedians podcast while running. They’ll have you laughing and keeping pace. They are the friends you want beside you on a run but can’t take with you during this time of social distancing. Enjoy!

Running for Real 

If you are looking for something slightly more serious, join Tina Muir on The Running for Real podcast. A 2:36 marathon runner and mom, Muir interviews sports psychologists, doctors, dietitians, coaches, and running experts to educate and inspire. But she doesn’t stop there. The podcast provides real takeaways you can use in your training and your life.  

Ali on the Run 

Ali, a freelance writer and editor, blogger, podcaster, runner, and mom, hosts people she finds inspiring on her show every week. These guests are all runners, and their fitness goals play a large part in how they achieved these goals, but the show is about more than just running. It digs deeper into their lives and examines how the decisions we make daily get us to where we want to go.

Having the right gear for your run

You want to be prepared mentally and physically for your run, making sure you have the words to spur you to action or keep you motivated along the trail is essential. Also essential is having the proper support for your feet and your heart.

Crazy Compression socks help protect your feet and ankles from swelling while simultaneously promoting heart health by keeping your circulation pumping. Our 1-20mmhg TRUE graduated compression gradually coaxes the flow of blood upward and towards the heart rather than allowing it to pool in the ankles and cause swelling, injury, or a host of other health problems.

So, stay inspired and keep your heart and mind on task! Enjoy your run! 

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