Shifting Focus from the Goal to the Journey

Shifting Focus from the Goal to the Journey

When life doesn’t turn out the way you want, are you able to shift and refocus, or does it derail you completely from your goal? 2020 has not been easy, and for many of us, what we thought we would accomplish this year may not be a reality. So how do we work towards reimagining those same goals into actionable, realistic ones where the journey is as rewarding as the accomplishment?

We all have setbacks in our workout routines at one time or another. How we respond to those setbacks makes all the difference. Following are a few strategies for handling the setbacks that life throws at you and how to keep working towards your goal in the meantime.

  1.     Shift your focus to the journey

Running isn’t about the marathon you set your sight on six months from now. Running is about the here and now. It’s about feet on pavement, deep breaths of fresh air, and that feeling of triumph of pushing just a little bit harder and going just a little bit faster this time. Being a runner connects you to a larger community and opens up your world to new friends. It’s an opportunity to hear other people’s stories, people you have nothing in common with except running and people you never would have met otherwise. Whether it connects you to a local running group or an online support system, running is a journey that focuses on today. You have to be present right here and now to get the most from it. So yes. Press forward and work toward your goals, but remember that’s not the whole point. The journey itself is just as rewarding, just as important, and the part that matters today.

  1.     Visualize the future

When we face setbacks, it is easy to slip into feeling sorry for the circumstance, to feel victimized, to lose focus, or focus on what you lost rather then what you still have. Learn to keep the reality of the situation in perspective. Start daydreaming about your goals. Visualize what the future could hold and what your run could be if you keep pressing forward. Choose to not quit. You can do this, whatever your setback is, whether it is health, an injury, a loss of time, or personal trauma. Don’t give up. Your dreams are worth pursuing!

  1.     Gratitude is key

Setbacks can have us focus on the negative, so its key that we train ourselves to see the good in today. Look for the things around you to be grateful for. A step further in your journey is still a step forward, a new day is still another day to enjoy, a good meal in front of you is nourishment for your body, and a phone call from a friend is motivation to keep going forward. The sun shining, the rain falling, the air conditioning, the sound of music. Every day is filled with simple moments we take for granted. Learn to appreciate them and really be in the moment. If you struggle to capture the good around you, then keep a journal and start recording them, no matter how trivial they may seem. Over time, you’ll start picking them out naturally.

  1.     Surround yourself with positivity

You don’t need to surround yourself with people or things that hold you back. Put up encouraging words on your mirror. Call and talk to the people who love you and want the best for you, those who encourage you to pursue your dreams no matter how hard. Leave the negative talk behind. This includes the negativity in your own head. Learn to surround yourself with positive people, affirmative words, and kindness. It’s contagious. Find ways to cover yourself with joy. Pick bright colors, patterns, and images that make you smile and bring comfort.

  1.     Celebrate the small and the big

Part of learning to enjoy the journey is to learn to celebrate the small accomplishments along the way. Each milestone rewards yourself in a positive way. Buy a new pair of socks or download a new audiobook. Do something that makes you smile and feels like a reward. Every single accomplishment, big or small, is a victory. The little ones will get you closer to the big ones, and you’ll never reach the final goal without them. Celebrate them. Celebrate you. Celebrate life!  

Enjoy the journey with the right gear

One great way to enjoy every step of the journey is to make sure you are wearing the correct running gear. You want clothing that supports you, is comfortable, and fun to wear. Lucky for you, our Crazy Compression socks meet all of those goals.

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2020 has been a bit of a whirlwind, but it doesn’t all have to be stressful. You need a little crazy in your life that you choose, the crazy that screams, “this is me, and what I love matters.” Don’t succumb to the setbacks; celebrate each and every victory with flare, color, and personality.

Get off the couch. Go for a run. Tackle your goals and enjoy every single moment along the way!

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