Winter Survival Guide: Activities to Fill the Colder Months With Warmth and Joy

Winter Survival Guide:  Activities to Fill the Colder Months With Warmth and Joy

Now that the holidays are over and the colder months are setting in, we came up with a winter survival guide instead of hiding out and waiting for spring. Below you will find a list of activities to inspire warmth and joy during this chilly yet amazing time of year. So, read on for all sorts of things to do. Hint: our list includes stuff for everyone from runners to gym-goers, families, gal groups, guys, and couples! 

20 Activities 

Host a sports party:

From football to hockey or soccer, invite all your friends over to watch a game. Even if you aren’t a fan, it is fun to have everyone chatting, eating, and laughing. 

Make warm drinks:

We are fans of made-from-scratch hot chocolate, but you can also make mulled wine, hot apple cider, or a hot toddy. One sip of a tasty, toasty beverage, and you will feel wrapped in coziness. 

Play in the snow: 

Embrace the snow. Pull on your long johns, warm hat, jacket, and go play. Try ice skating, build a snowman, or have a snowball fight. There is so much to do in the snow. 

Start a scrapbook: 

Go through some pictures on your smartphone, have them printed out, collect small tokens from your year, and start putting it all together. Scrapbooks are a creative and fun way to record what you have done. 

Go on a hike: 

Even though it is cold, you can still go hiking! So bundle up and find a nice trail near you. Be sure to take pictures while you are out and about. 

Visit a spa: 

Beat the winter blues by treating yourself and relaxing. Of course, we love Swedish and Nordic spas with outdoor hot tubs, but indoor Russian spas, Asian spas, and even more familiar ones that offer massages are a good idea. 

Have a chili contest: 

Nothing says winter warmth like a good bowl of chili. Make cooking more fun by including your friends or family in a “who makes the best chili contest.” Pick a judge or two and you can even have a prize. 

Have a fire: 

You have two options here. First, you can have a lovely evening by an indoor fire. Second, you can have a bonfire. Whichever you choose, it is sure to be warm and fun. 

Join a Polar Bear Plunge: 

Something for the athletes and the brave-hearted, jumping in ice-cold water with your buddies is, well, exhilarating. So get a team together and start training. It is a good break from running schedules or gym routines. 

Learn to knit: 

If you have time to pass and like to keep your hands busy, knitting is a very nice activity. You can even learn to knit with your children and then give what you make as gifts or donations. 

Have an indoor picnic: 

Great as both a family activity as well as a romantic date, spread out a sheet in your living room, put out some amazing snacks, and enjoy. Oh, don’t forget to put on some good background music or a nice movie. 


The best time of year to bake is winter. The oven warms up the house while the baked goods fill it with sweet aromas. Not to mention, you get to enjoy the efforts of your labors while sharing with your loved ones. 

Create a fit contest with friends: 

Want to stay motivated during the winter but are having trouble? Get over the hump by making a friendly compilation. It could be a challenge to run a certain amount or do several pushups on camera – you name it. 

Learn to ski or snowboard:

If you don’t live in a place with a lot of snow, take a weekend away and sign up for a ski or snowboard lesson. If you do live in an area where there is a lot of snow and you already know how to do one of the above activities, why not try the other? You may surprise yourself. 

Go bowling: 

For those that like to be active but don’t like the cold, try bowling. It is fun, gets you moving, and you can invite your friends. 


This time of year, soup kitchens and homeless shelters need a lot of help. So pass the cold winter weekends by sharing joy with others. 

Create a winter playlist: 

Because music is always the answer, take an hour or two to make a feel-good playlist. Then, for the rest of the winter, you can enjoy it whenever you need a little pick me up.  

Movie marathon night: 

Getting cozy and watching movies is always a good cold month's pastime. Take it to the next level by creating interesting marathon nights. Pick an actor, a series, or a theme and watch two or three movies in one sitting. Don’t forget the popcorn. 

Take a class or join a club: 

Always wanted to learn Spanish? What about discovering the art of sushi making? How about a book club or a wine club? Taking a class or joining a group is a great way to meet new people, expand your mind, and stay active, even when the weather isn’t warm. 

Dress the part: 

Embrace the cold by dressing to the nines. Get yourself a good jacket. Spoil your head with a nice hat. Make sure you have the workout gear you need. And, always remember your favorite socks. We particularly enjoy our Good Vibration collection for winter. These socks are cheery and will keep you warm. 

See You In The Spring

We hope that this list inspires you to make the most of this amazing, wonderful, totally awesome time of year. Comment below with some activities you look forward to doing. Cheers to a great winter and spring on the horizon. 

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