5 Books Every Runner Should Read

5 Books Every Runner Should Read

When it comes to running, we believe that there’s always to room to learn something new to help improve your technique or perhaps provide you with a little inspiration. And sometimes we need a little more than an 800-word article. We need a book.


That being said, we’ve put together our top five books for runners. And trust us, this list has a little something for everyone.


Check them out below:

Let Your Mind Run Book Cover

Let Your Mind Run: A Memoir of Thinking My Way to Victory


Authors: Deena Kastor and Michelle Hamilton

Perfect For: Finding extra motivation

What to Expect: For Deena Kastor, having the wrong mindset almost ended her running career. This memoir offers an intimate look inside the mind of an elite athlete and uncovers the power of positive thoughts as a tool for improving performance.


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Make yourself poop

How to Make Yourself Poop: And 999 Other Tips All Runners Should Know (Runner’s World)


Author: Meghan Kita

Perfect For: Every Runner

What to Expect: The title might make you giggle, but the content provides must-read advice for all runners regardless of their experience level. Think of this one as your go-to guide to easily tackle any running issue you may come across — from training, nutrition and health to wearing the right gear.


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Mile Makers

Mile Markers: The 26.2 Most Important Reasons Why Women Run


Author: Kristin Armstrong

Perfect For: Anyone considering becoming a runner

What to Expect: This author isn’t afraid to open up and share her own experiences as a runner. But she also does a great job highlighting the many reasons why women run by incorporating the following themes: inspiration, growth, grace, family, community, empowerment and endurance.  


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Running Like a Girl

Running Like a Girl: Notes on Learning to Run


Author: Alexandra Heminsley

Perfect For: Newbie runners

What to Expect: Described by The Washington Post as a “Bridget Jones-like writer”, Heminsley shows us exactly how she went from non-athlete who lacked confidence to someone who has completed five marathons, and all the life lessons she learned along the way. Overall, it’s a humorous, entertaining, practical and inspiring read for anyone who has tried (and failed) at running in the past.


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New Rules of Marathon

The New Rules of Marathon and Half-Marathon Nutrition : A Cutting-Edge Plan to Fuel Your Body Beyond the Wall


Author: Matt Fitzgerald

Perfect For: Half Marathoners

What to Expect: Matt Fitzgerald is a fitness journalist and training coach. He argues that many common running setbacks are nutritional (or metabolic) in nature. His book is jam-packed with powerful and actionable tips to help runners “attain their ideal racing weight, calculate their precise daily energy needs, and formulate a custom nutrition plan.”


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Now it’s your turn! We’d love to know your favorite books that give you words to run by. Connect with us on your favorite social media platform (we’re @crazycompression).

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