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Best Podcasts to Listen to While Running: Health and Wellness Edition

Charlie Harper

Posted on November 30 2017

Earlier this year, we shared five of our favorite podcasts to enjoy while running. Based on the feedback we received, we thought we would create a series focused on podcasts as a tool you can add to your self-care and workout arsenal.

First, let’s cover a few of the basics for you...

What are podcasts? 

Podcasts are audio files that you can stream or download from your computer or mobile device. They are basically like radio programs that you can listen to anywhere and at any time. There are also video podcasts that you can watch - but for the purpose of this series, we will focus on audio ones.

How can they benefit me? 

Podcasts can help you to learn something new, keep up with current events or find some motivation - while you are going about your everyday activities a such as exercising, doing chores, or commuting. In fact, podcasts are a great tool to use for habit pairing. This is a concept that can help to boost your motivation. For example, when you find a podcast that you just love - tell yourself that listening must be paired with some form of exercise. Read more about habit pairing in this article from Walk Jog RunThey force you to use your imagination (so you can see what you are hearing about in your mind’s eye. Neuroscientists have even found that they are good for your brain. Check out this interesting article (and podcast!) from Freakanomics to learn more. 

Where can I find them? You can access podcasts in two primary ways: stream it directly from the podcast’s website or using a podcasting app.

For example, if you wanted to listen to episodes of NPR’s popular Fresh Air, you would visit the website and click any episode you want to listen to in order to live stream it from the site. 

Using podcast apps are useful because they store your favorite podcasts so you can access them anywhere and at anytime. You can also subscribe to your favorites so that new episodes are downloaded as soon as they are released. For more information on choosing a podcast app, check out “The Beginner’s Guide to Podcasts” from Wired magazine. We hope to use this series as a way to periodically share some podcasts you might find interesting.

So, without further adieu, here are five
HEALTH AND WELLNESS podcasts you might want to check out.


Balanced Bites

Nutrition consultant, Diane Sanfilippo and Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, Liz Wolfe, cover a wide range of health, fitness and beauty-related issues on this popular podcast.


Body Kindness

Dietitian and exercise physiologist, Rebecca Strichfield, covers everything wellness and nutrition-related in this podcast.


Meditation Oasis

This podcast features guided meditations, instructions for meditation, and music for meditation. Start by reading the short “How to get the most of this podcast” guide.


The Mind Body Green Podcast

In this off-shoot of the popular blog of the same name, host, Jason Wachob interviews wellness experts on a wide range of integrated health topics.


The Model Health Show

Host, Shawn Stephenson covers wellness, fitness and nutrition in this popular podcast.


We would love to hear which ones you like too. Connect with us at Crazy Compression on Instagram and Facebook!