Spoil That Nurse In Your Life -- 12 Nursing Gift Ideas 

Spoil That Nurse In Your Life -- 12 Nursing Gift Ideas 

More than just a job, the choice to become a registered nurse or nurse practitioner is a lifestyle. From long shifts, odd working hours, and holidays on the clock, truth is, spoiling that nurse in your life is essential. After all, they are the ones who are keeping the rest of us healthy, safe, and thriving.

So, to help you help them relax, feel prepared for the job, and feel thanked for all they do, we put together a list of 12 nursing gift ideas -- even when it's not a special occasion, their birthday, nurse appreciation day. 

A High-Quality Stethoscope 

Probably the first thing any nurse needs in their arsenal of tools, giving the gift of a new stethoscope -- they come in all colors, lengths, with unique ear tips, and more --- will come as a pleasant, much appreciated, surprise. 

The Right Shoes 

For a person that stands a lot, wearing the right shoes is, well, essential but expensive. Bring comfort back to your nurse’s life with a new pair of supportive shoes! 

Compression Socks 

A good, cool pair of compression socks can make a world of difference when it comes to comfort and blood circulation. They also add a unique pop of color that can help a nurse stand out from all of the others wearing blue, green, plain colored scrubs. 

Pens On Pens 

Every nurse needs a good pen to complete their job. Why not make it fun by getting them unique pens, maybe even something that can start a conversation with patients or co-workers? 

Top-Of-The-Line Scrubs 

Oh, the uniform of a nurse. Something they wear day in and day out, nurses are constantly having to replace their old scrubs. Take the burden off them by getting them a few good pairs. And, if their workplace doesn’t have a color code, you can get some unique prints too! 

A Day A The Spa

No list of how to spoil a nurse is complete without the suggestion of treating them to the spa. Their body will thank you, enough said. 

A Nurse Bag 

From home to work, nurses carry a lot of stuff. Help them stay organized by getting them a bag designed for them. Nurse bags have big pockets, all sorts of straps, and even cool prints. 

Water Bottle 

In a job where you are always moving, staying hydrated is a must. Help the nurse in your life remember to take their fluids by giving them a water bottle. Look for ones that are spill proof, durable, and non-toxic--as well as ones that filter water for better taste and quality.  

Lapel Pins and Badge Clips 

A staple in every nurse's wardrobe, lapel pins and badge clips allow them to move freely around hospitals and healthcare centers. Only thing is, most company-issued pins and clips are boring. Spice up their life with unique, colorful badge accessories. 

Waterproof Watch 

From tracking steps to timing patient dosages and more, all nurses need a reliable watch. Upgrade their watch and they will forever be grateful. 


Ever get annoyed at your hair constantly falling in your face? If yes, imagine if you were a nurse, this just can’t happen. And, that is why many enjoy wearing headbands. Help them stay focused at work with the gift of nurse headbands.

Hint: they also help them add personality to their daily look. 

Blue-Light Blocking Glasses 

Many nurses stare at screens for hours every day, something that can lead to eye strain, dry eye, sleep disturbances, and more. Help them protect their eyes with blue-light blocking glasses. They will be a game-changer. 

Nurses, what else do you think should be added to this list? At Crazy Compression, we love hearing your ideas. And, in case you want help picking out the best compression socks, feel free to contact us at any time! 

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