Workout Gear Matters and Here's Why

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You've undoubtedly encountered this topic everywhere you look, whether a beginner or pro at any fitness level: gear. Articles and think pieces, videos, and lists that tell you which ones are the best and why they are the best and more. It's easy to believe this is just a company selling you something you might not need. After all, does workout gear matter compared to just getting up and doing it? You don't need special shoes, clothing, accessories and all the rest, do you?
The answer, surprisingly, is yes, you do! While many people plan their workout schedule and routine, far fewer spend time thinking about the gear they'll wear while working out. It's tempting, especially before an early morning workout, to grab what's nearby and head out to the gym. But avoid that temptation! The truth is that it's worth taking the time to find and wear the right gear for your workout. Having the right equipment increases your confidence and motivation and can help you avoid injuries, stay safe, and achieve better results.
Here are just a few reasons why the right gear matters.

The Right Outfit, The Right Mindset to Reach Work and Personal Goals

Did you know our clothing affects our perception of ourselves, how others react, and our confidence and self-esteem? Donning a pair of running sneakers can initiate psychological processes, changing our moods, feelings, behaviors, and cognitive behaviors. That's right, there's a psychology of clothing and its complexity, tapping into our culture, symbolism, neuroscience, and many more aspects of human nature. Science even has a name for "enclothed cognition" to describe how our clothes affect our behavior, attitudes, personality, mood, confidence, and even how we interact with others.
According to research published in the Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, having positive feelings toward your clothing is linked to having favorable views of your emotions, sociability, and work competency. What does that mean? If you wear your favorite workout clothes, shoes, and gear, you will likely feel more self-assured, at ease, and motivated to get up and go.

Athletic Gear Comforts Are Important

Have you ever worn something uncomfortable? Perhaps it was something too-tight, a scratchy material that irritated your skin, a shirt with an annoying tag, or pants that were too hot. When you wore these uncomfortable things, were you able to focus on anything around you, are were you more aware of how annoying the clothing was?
Wearing athletic gear that is comfortable for you, designed for specific sports and fitness goals, and regulating body temperature will also increase the likelihood of meeting and crushing your fitness goals.
  • Breathable and sweat-wicking fabrics will keep you feeling better and longer than clothes that weigh you down with clingy fabrics. It will keep you cool and dry while helping to increase your workout time. When you are comfortable, you're more confident, which will help you focus more on the task.
  • Dress not only for comfort and activity but also for the weather and environment to prevent injury and dehydration.
  • Clothing designed for a specific sport or activity is often more durable as the designers understand the unique stressors and obstacles clothing encounters when doing those activities.
  • The best run or workouts happen when your body can move freely, your muscles are supported correctly, and your mind can focus on what you are doing instead of distractions from what you are wearing.

What Should You Avoid Wearing?

Since we know what we wear plays a massive part in a run or workout's success, let's look at a few things you should avoid wearing.
  • 100% Cotton. Cotton may be soft, but 100% cotton absorbs moisture and is slow to dry. That excess moisture or sweat will sit against your skin, can weigh you down, cause skin breakouts and increase chafing.
  • Too baggy or too tight clothes. Too baggy clothing can quickly become a safety hazard outside the gym or in a class. Extra fabric can easily get caught or tripped over. If you're in a class with an instructor, too baggy clothing means your instructor can't see your body or whether or not you have a proper form which is essential to avoid injury. Too-tight dress restricts your movement. Wear close-fitting items that fit in between tight and baggy.
  • Old shoes. Your banged-up, scruffy sneakers with worn-out soles and flattened arch support aren't helping. Whether you need to create a solid base when moving during exercise or protect your feet from impact when running, worn-out shoes can create problems and even damage joints. For runners, you should replace your shoes every 500 miles. If you're running close to 5-6 days a week, replace them every three months.
  • Try not to wear jewelry. Running with a long pendant will be distracting as it bounces off your chest and hits you in the face. It could also tangle with your earbuds and, if at the gym, the elliptical arms. Wearing rings if you lift weights can affect your grip on the weights and pose a risk that the weight could slip out of your hand. The pressure of the weight against the ring can also create deep indentations that could break the skin. Additionally, even a small weight of 25 pounds can dent and scratch precious metals and stones.

Have Fun With It

Your workout gear doesn't have to be plain or boring. Once you find the suitable material, design for your sport or activity, and fit—go wild and have fun. If black and grey aren't your thing, embrace fun and funky patterns or neon brights. Many designs are meant to make you look good, feel great, and be as unique as your personality.

Take our compression socks, for example!

Socks are an essential part of the whole package. Socks have a way of communicating personality in a way that the rest of your wardrobe might not. For instance, if you are in scrubs all day or in a work uniform, you can choose a pair of holiday or crazy print socks, showing off your personality.
Color psychology has proven that bright colors make you appear happier than people with whom people want to engage. At Crazy Compression, we get the need to express ourselves. We offer a unique line of options. If you don't see yourself in our socks, no worries; we can custom-make the design you envision.
Even more, our customers keep coming back again and again for quality and design.
Our 1-20mmhg TRUE graduated compression socks and sleeves are made in the United States. They are made from lightweight, breathable micro-nylon with moisture control, leaving your feet dry and comfortable all day. So whether you're on a 12-hour shift or running a marathon, we've got your feet covered.

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