Why Having the Right Workout Gear Really Matters

Workout Gear - Compression Socks

While lots of people spend time planning their workout schedule and routine, far fewer spend time thinking about the gear they’ll wear while working out. It’s all too tempting, especially before an early morning workout, to just grab what’s nearby and head out to the gym. 

But avoid that temptation! The truth is that it's worth taking the time to find and wear the right gear for your workout. Having the right gear not only increases your confidence and motivation, but it can help you avoid injuries, stay safe, and achieve better results. 

Here are just a few reasons why the right gear really matters. 

Regulates Body Temperature 

When working out, you want to wear clothing that is made of breathable fabrics that wick away moisture. This will help your body regulate its temperature on hot and cold days. 

In hot weather, you want loose-fitting clothing made from breathable fabrics. Additionally, you should wear light colors to help keep your body from getting overheated. In winter months, it’s helpful to layer clothing. You’ll want a breathable layer on the bottom and an outer layer that allows for ventilation. 

The bottom line is that breathable clothing made from sweat-wicking material helps you stay comfortable and safe year-round. 

Improves Range of Motion 

When you’re exercising, the last thing you want is clothing that holds you back. Instead, you want clothing that is flexible, enabling your body to move freely. The right workout gear is seamless, comfortable, and fits well--all without inhibiting your motion. 

Prevents Injury

Having the right workout gear ensures that you have the support and protection you need to avoid injuries. The right shoes, sports bra, and compression gear can all make exercise more comfortable while preventing injury. 

Nick Harris, a human performance expert for HPE, advises that athletes should find the right shoes, gear that provides protection from the elements, and clothing made specifically for the activity that you’re doing. According to Harris, “wearing appropriate clothing is crucial when you are an avid exerciser. Many sports injuries occur because of the lack of appropriate equipment, including clothing.” 

Further, he goes on to recommend adding compression wear to your workout gear because it “increases circulation and blood flow to the heart, delivering much needed oxygen to working muscles, reducing fatigue and soreness by managing lactic acid accumulation, helping to improve power, endurance, and recovery.” 

Avoids Skin Irritation

Wearing clothing that is low-quality or that is not made to be breathable can lead to increased skin irritation. When you’re exercising, the increased blood flow to your skin often leads to itchiness and irritation. Clothing that rubs against or irritates the skin can exacerbate this issue, leading to rashes.

Quality workout clothing made from loose-fitting breathable fabrics is the best way to reduce the risks of itchiness, rashes, and skin irritation while working out. 

Boosts Confidence and Motivation

Finally, it’s important to not overlook the psychological benefits that come from having the right workout gear. Looking good for a workout can improve your confidence while helping you maximize the benefits of exercise.

Plus, having gear you like (while feeling good in it as well) can help motivate you to conquer your daily exercise routine. Sometimes just putting on the right gear is all it takes to give you that final push to workout. And, the simple act of getting ready can be a good way to build the muscle memory you need to turn your workouts into a consistent, daily habit. 

Get the Fun and Functional Gear You Need

There are plenty of good reasons to have the right workout gear. Not to mention, it’s fun to look and feel good while exercising. At Crazy Compression, we appreciate that the right gear is essential. We also know that you want your gear to add a little extra excitement and joy to your day. 

Shop our online store to get compression socks and compression sleeves that will make sure you look great and feel great while working out!

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